Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lost Huck!

At his wonderful Blog, YOWP has posted Huckleberry Hound interstitials, “lost” for decades!

The sequences feature Hokey Wolf, who has yet to appear on an authorized DVD.

Can’t Warner Archives just put out a single disc of Season Four – that would include Hokey and the handful of Huck shows that DON’T have music clearance issues? Huh? Can’t they, Huh?

And, there’s also an original Jetsons end credit sequence, with a commercial narrated by Dick (“Lost in Space Robot”) Tufeld!

I don't usually "step aside" and let someone else's post do the work at my Blog, but this is special!  Take the link above... and enjoy.

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joecab said...

I can't believe how tough it's been to find a decent recording of the original (and yes we can totally tell!) Jetsons theme rather than the redone version from the 1980s.