Monday, February 15, 2016

On Sale February 10, 2016: MICKEY MOUSE # 9 from IDW!

Sooner or "gator", you're going to get a copy of MICKEY MOUSE # 9 (Legacy Numbering # 318) from IDW!  You just KNOW you are!  So, why not do yourself (and your comics retailer) a favor and do it now?  

Especially as this issue concludes the exciting story begun last month!  You can read about that HERE, and you may wish to do so before reading further!   

In the issue, you'll find "The Chirikawa Necklace" (Part 2 of 2), originally from the Italian publication TOPOLINO # 231 (1960), written and drawn by the great Romano Scarpa.  Brought to us once again via translation by everyone's favorite Archival Editor David Gerstein, and dialogued in American English by Jonathan Gray and the aforementioned Editor Gerstein! 

Page One opens with a brief recap of the events of the previous issue, which ended with sentient Atom "Atomo Bleep-Bleep" spitting in Mickey's face!  ( I didn't name him, folks - and please see the post on last month's issue for more on this very strange character!) 

Indeed Atomo is giving Mickey a "wet-one" so that he might recall a strange secret memory locked away in his mind.  

Personally, should this ever happen to me, I'd much prefer they way Mr. Spock of STAR TREK does it, to Atomo's method!  

Nevertheless, Atomo IS effective, even if Mickey might need a towel when finished.  

And this leads to an amazing sequence by Scarpa! 

Imagine the fear of this home invasion / kidnapping, when you're too little to talk and can barely move!

And, he draws it as if seen through a child's mind, to boot!  

Utterly amazing, is all I can say!  Is it any wonder that Romano Scarpa is one of the historically great creators in the vast worldwide history of Disney comics!   

And note how it is all seen from infant Mickey's point of view!  Much more effective than an ordinary flashback sequence!  

But, all is not lost for "L'il Mick-Mick" (as the story, courtesy of Jonathan Gray, calls him - clearly "Atomo Bleep-Bleep" did not have a complete monopoly on weird names).  

Rescue comes in the form of Aunt Melinda.

Don't you just LOVE the look of relief on Melinda's face - and the similar one we can presume for infant Mickey!  No words are necessary! 

Just an incredible sequence by Scarpa!  

Mickey, Pete, and even Trudy Van Tubb have even more history than we know - and we got to witness Pete's first ever crime!  

Mickey and Atomo investigate today's strange doings involving Pete and Trudy with the help of Mickey's "special police pistol full of safe stun rounds"!  I sure hope they didn't pack any of those "unsafe stun rounds" by mistake!   

Scarpa's far from done, as he gives us the great tunnel sequence.  But, where Mickey and Atomo go from here, I'll not spoil.  

The issue is rounded out by a Mickey Mouse Sunday newspaper strip reprint from 1950, featuring Ellsworth the mynah bird.  Despite the published credit to Manuel Gonzalez, this certainly looks as if it were done by Dick Moores

You'll be seeing more of Ellsworth soon, as dialogued by our own Thad Komorowski.

And, speaking of Thad, he brings us this 1973-era story, originally written by Cal Howard, and drawn by Tony Strobl.  

It tickles me no end to see Thad so nicely execute a story with such a Gold Key Comics feel!  Even the title and balloon lettering look "right"!  

Of course he adds a few nice touches of his own, like this perfectly appropriate Looney Tunes quote...

...And, I'd be very disappointed if he did a story set in a soda shoppe and failed to reference one of the greatest Woody Woodpecker cartoons of all time!  

Well done!

Goofy IS smarter than people give him credit for, especially if he already has a copy of MICKEY MOUSE # 9 (Legacy Numbering # 318) from IDW! 

He's also smart enough to have not taken this Coaster ride! 

Just remember, I do not speak for IDW, or anyone in its employ.  I speak strictly for myself as both a long-time fan and as a dialogue creator – and those opinions are strictly my own.

Then, let's all meet back here in the Comments Section to discuss another great issue from IDW.  And be sure to bring a face towel when you do!  

Saturday, February 6, 2016

On Sale February 03, 2016: UNCLE SCROOGE # 11 from IDW.

Say, this is the first time we've ever posted back-to-back on two consecutive issues of a title before!  

Let neither severe weather conditions, nor rising flood waters, prevent you from obtaining a copy of UNCLE SCROOGE # 11 (Legacy Numbering # 415) from IDW!
In it, you’ll find "Scrooge's Ark Larka story from the Italian ALMANACCO TOPOLINO # 273 (1979) and “New to the USA”, written by Giorgio Pezzin, art by the great Giovan Battista Carpi, with Translation and Dialogue by Yours Truly. 

We open with an amazingly dramatic splash panel by Carpi!

Two, asides before delving into our story...

ONE: If anyone has seen the opening (teaser) to the VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA episode "Deadly Cloud" (1967), it is very much like that.  I can even hear the same music scoring playing in my head as I view this.  

TWO: This, by sad comparison, is what our American Duck comics looked like in the 1970s.  

The wild weather does, at least, offer the opportunity for this joke!  Gotta love that British understatement!  

Perhaps they're keeping a (frozen) stiff upper lip!  

Duckburg is far from immune, as this great panel from Carpi shows! 

And, by way of exposition, so suffers the rest of the world...

Here are the Ducks reacting characteristically to impending disaster.  Love Carpi's silhouettes

All of this, and future doom-bringing deluges are predicted by an oracle in Tibet...

...From whom Scrooge resolves to get answers, lest these foretold floods deter him from his big deal.

Speaking of "Tibet", anyone catch this?  Might as well have some fun, when the opportunity presents itself.    

The Seer offers sage advice...

...Which Scrooge takes to heart, and gives us another fun moment to boot!

Does everyone remember when and where these things happened?  They all DID!  I also considering mentioning TREES and ASTEROIDS, but there wasn't enough balloon space!

Arch rival Rockerduck finds the whole "Ark Lark" thing funny...

...Until he doesn't - and employs the Beagle Boys to do his dirty work! 

And so they simulate a flood, sending our Ducks blindly to the seas!  

But, those greedy B-Boys go back for more!  

Do they ever!  By now, even Donald smells a rat... or Beagle!

And with good reason, given the events of DONALD DUCK # 366 (2011)!  Coincidentally, also drawn by Carpi! 

They hardly even vary their lines... bad actors that they are! 

Much less, in Carl Barks' tale "Delivery Dilemma" from WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES # 291 (1964).

The Beagle Boys even call back to the bit themselves!   

What happens next?  I ain't tellin', but Scrooge has one of the best and most satisfying "transformational character moments" in recent history!  I hope everyone enjoys it!  

Scrooge may be done with the Beagle Boys at "Ark Lark's" end, but he's got THREE other villains to contend with -- and, in an unusual lead and backup pairing, he's got me to help him on both ends of the book!  

"Bad Things Come in Threes" (my title) is an Egmont (Danish) story dating back to 2006, and is written by Lars Jensen with art by Francisco Rodriguez Peinado.  It first appeared in Denmark in 2010, and is "New to the USA".  

It is a sequel, of sorts, to "Heads You Win Tails You Bruise", also by Lars Jensen and the first Uncle Scrooge story dialogued (and titled) by me - from way back in Gemstone's UNCLE SCROOGE # 367 (2007).  

A handy footnote even tells us that!

It is also the long-awaited (by ME, anyway) return of Melvin X. Nickelby, nerdy but unscrupulous coin collector.  

I don't know what Melvin's saying in that (presumably original) version but here he is in all his American obnoxiousness!

So, Scrooge is apprehensive about exhibiting his Number One Dime, and is all the more so when Melvin shows up.

And is relieved to see Melvin depart, with the dime still in place.

But, no sooner does Melvin leave, when suddenly...

I wanted a "Lights Blotted-Out My Friends" reference, as seen in the Floyd Gottfredson classic Phantom Blot tale, but such was not to be. 

At least I got one in the aforementioned DONALD DUCK # 366, so I can't complain too loudly.  

Back to our story, the lights are quickly restored, and all is well...

...Or is it?  

I'll not spoil any more, save to say that (as the title implies) two more villains will join the party before it's through.  

Aw, heck!  I'll spoil just a LITTLE more!  Magica DeSpell is another of the three villains.  Not much of a surprise, as the story is about the Number One Dime!  

Ever wonder what kinda neat stuff Magica keeps in her purse?  

And the third villain is inadvertently revealed by an unfortunate printing error.  Hopefully, this will be corrected for the trade paperback.  Even with these reveals, there are plenty of twists and turns awaiting you, courtesy of Lars Jensen's brilliant plotting!  

On a personal note, I must say that I enjoyed writing dialogue once again for Melvin X. Nickelby, and am proud to have been his only "American voice" thus far.  And, if there are any other stories that feature him, I hope to continue doing so!  

Here are a couple of other "favorite Melvin moments" from this story:

 This script dates back to the end of Boom!'s run of Disney Core Four comics, and I was afraid that the obvious "Facebeak" joke would have gotten into print by someone else first.  

Melvin collects DVDs as well as coins.  

And, check it out... he's also a BLOGGER!  Although he doesn't have anywhere near the wonderful readership that I have - and thank you ALL very much for that!  

My gosh... If we swapped-out coins for comic books... Melvin and *I* could be... could be... NOOOOO!  I can't say it!  

Quickly changing the subject, don't be a "Melvin"! Get your copy of UNCLE SCROOGE # 11 (Legacy Numbering # 415) from IDW!  Collect COMIC BOOKS, not COINS!  

This is a COMIC BOOK! 

This is a COIN! 

If you don't wish to be like Melvin, never forget the difference!   

Just remember, I do not speak for IDW, or anyone in its employ.  I speak strictly for myself as both a long-time fan and as a dialogue creator – and those opinions are strictly my own.

Then, let's all meet back here in the Comments Section to discuss another great issue from IDW - while doing our best to avoid great floods and annoying nerds!  Both can be hazardous to your health!