Saturday, October 29, 2022

Adventures in Comic-Boxing (Halloween Edition): Vincent Price in a DC Comic?

We'll leave that Halloween question to your interpretation... But, if Vincent Price ever were to appear in a DC Comic, it would probably be one like THIS:  GHOSTS #98 (DC Comics, Cover Date: March, 1981). 

As the story in question is only three pages in length, we'll just present it here in its entirety and let you decide for yourselves whether enjoying this comic... comes with a "Price"!  

With Special Guest Star Vincent Price as Doctor Arnold Alden (?)

To the Story (Click any image to enlarge for ease of reading). 

So, what do YOU think?  And isn't this the sort of grizzly tale that Vincent Price would tell an eager and rapt audience?  ...Sure it is!  

 And, it's not as if Vincent Price hasn't been seen hanging around comic books before... 

...As discussed HERE!

Happy Halloween, 2022! 


Sunday, October 23, 2022

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Quash and Stretch!

On the cover of MIGHTY MOUSE COMICS #12 (St. John, Cover Date: August, 1949), Mighty Mouse QUASHES an assassination attempt by merely STRETCHING from a yawn!  

Cover art by Terrytoons animator Art Bartsch

"What a Mouse!", as the cartoons used to say!  He's so great that, some days, he doesn't even need to try!   

Or, perhaps, in Mighty Mouse's world, evil cats are SO plentiful that you don't even need to throw the proverbial stick to hit one... just stretch your arm - but be sure to have a clenched fist, just in case! 

Oh, yes... the animation term "Squash and Stretch", which forms the basis for our title's pun, is discussed in THIS POST!  

Finally, if anyone wishes to know more about MIGHTY MOUSE COMICS #12 (... and, honestly, WHO WOULDN'T?), you can read more at my index for this issue at GCD! 


In case you're wondering why there are two images from LOST IN SPACE below, please read Achille Talon's comment and my response.  

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: When a Weapon Doesn't Work, Try Building a Better One!

As seen on the cover illustration of ADVENTURE COMICS # 441 (DC Comics, Cover Date: September-October, 1975), Aquaman's Atlantis is under attack by a criminal gang with a 16th Century Pirate fetish!  

But, ya gotta wonder if these underwater underachievers were doomed from the start, considering some of the weaponry employed!  

Like a flintlock?  Beneath the waves?   I suppose you could hit someone with the gun-butt.  

Oh, no... wait!  This thing actually CAN do some damage!   

...Just not to Aquaman!  

But, there's simply no excuse for... A SWORD?  How could you swing it in anything but slow motion?  

Methinks our pirate-pals should have read the entire comic book a tad more closely.  If they had, they would have come across THIS UNUSUAL  AD...

...Drawn in typically cheesy 1970s style, to boot!  

Even if you failed to conquer Atlantis, you could still be a hit with wide-eyed, simplistically-rendered blonde-gals, when you charm them with a song from the "electric guitar you just made yourself"!  

As so many of the old ads used to say... "Amaze your friends!" 

And, if you don't have friends, because you spend too much time reading comic books, then just go "Amaze some random strangers!" 

Those who don't call the police may find themselves marginally entertained!  


Ya think the pirates could make a weapon that might actually defeat Aquaman?  

"Maybe not -- but... What?"  Oh, yeah... You can get away in a nifty "Diving Submarine"... that you can BUILD YOURSELF!  

And, once you do, you won't need to KIDNAP MERA!  

...'Cause NOW you can get a gal like THIS!  

Awww... Don't they make a charming couple?  

If *I* had a choice, I would build a "Surveyor's Transit"! 

...Since I like both SURVEYS... 

...And TRANSIT!  

Talk about "Win/Win!"