Wednesday, August 28, 2019

War of the... Worlds? No! ...Wendigo? No! Ah, yes... "War of the Wellsians"!

Our friend Achille Talon is a most talented fellow!  ...You don't need a "Martian Goose-Neck Periscope" to know that!   

He proves this again and again... in so many different ways... like THIS ANIMATION, made under another of his pseudonyms, Aristide Twain!  

He even voices it!  As I said, a "Talon-ted" fellow!  

If he keeps adding more names, he may become an entire convention unto himself!  ...Or, if the convention idea is scrapped, then "never the Twain shall meet" (his other selves)!  

And, just because he (...and you) had to endure those really bad puns, HERE'S ANOTHER OF HIS ANIMATIONS of a different sort!


Sunday, August 25, 2019

To Buy Greenland, It Tales a Lot of Green!

What is it about wacky rich guys wanting to make spectacular purchases that they know are impossible, but they go on about it anyway?

Of late, our president has made a lot of noise (he does that so frequently, to where that's all it is - noise) about buying Greenland!  ...Will he turn it into another golf course, and call it "Putting-Green Land"?   

We don't do politics at this Blog, it's far too nasty for my tastes and sensibilities, and we're not about to start here - beyond noting the amusing absurdity of this particular instance of the "noise"...    

...And, the haunting feeling that I've seen something like this before!  

Today, I remembered exactly where I've seen it!  

Yes, it was the opening panel of UNCLE SCROOGE # 46 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: December, 1963) - and reprinted in issue # 149 (February, 1978)!  ...Story and art by Carl Barks!

...I wonder if Uncle Scrooge ever considered Greenland, when compiling that most incredible "shopping-list"!  

What is it about wacky rich guys wanting to make spectacular purchases that they know are impossible, but they go on about it anyway? ...What, indeed?  ...We may never know!  

...BUT, if anyone is willing to help me become one of those "wacky rich guys", I'll be happy to tell you what I found out... when I try to buy Disney, Warner Bros, and the entire New York Metropolitan Area - and move the two-former, to the latter!  ...Deal?  

...Oh, it's the RICH part I need the help with... Not the WACKY! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Take THAT, Dell!

In 1961, the cover price of Dell Comics increased from the standard TEN CENTS, which it had been since at least 1940, to an unprecedented FIFTEEN CENTS!  ...And sales plummeted! 

This injurious increase led to the creation of GOLD KEY COMICS, which rolled its prices back to a more manageable TWELVE CENTS in mid-1962! 

Hard to believe, from this inflationary perspective, that THREE CENTS could ever have been such a big deal, but it was! 

While Dell was jumping a nickel, DC Comics held its line at TEN CENTS... the large amount of advertising found within DC's pages, vs. Dell's being virtually ad-free, very likely had something to do with that! 

Nevertheless, while in that window where Dell was FIFTEEN CENTS and DC was TEN CENTS, DC, like any good competitor, ran the following ad inside its comics...

Gotta love the KIDS scattered throughout the ad!  (Click to enlarge!)  TAKE THAT, DELL!

Eight months after this ad, at the end of 1961, DC's cover prices would increase to TWELVE CENTS, a level at which the vast majority of comic books from all publishers would remain throughout the Silver Age. 

Gold Key, ironically echoing its predecessor Dell, would raise its cover price to FIFTEEN CENTS in a regionally staggered method from March, 1968 thru June, 1968!  As seen below... 
DONALD DUCK # 119 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: May, 1968) - with a TWELVE CENT cover price!

My original copy of DONALD DUCK # 119 (purchased March, 1968 - in Flushing, New York) with a FIFTEEN CENT cover price!  

DC, along with most other publishers, would increase to FIFTEEN CENTS by mid-1969! 

But, it's sure nice to step back and appreciate this "ancient relic" of the once-glorious days of TEN CENT COMIC BOOKS!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Perhaps He Saw the BACK COVER!

Poor Dale has it tough enough on the FRONT COVER of CHIP 'N' DALE # 53 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date July, 1978)...

...Because, while this cute little BUG might appear scary when magnified through the telescope...

...Imagine if Dale could SEE THROUGH THE ENTIRE BOOK...

...And get a gander at what awaits him on THE ISSUE'S BACK COVER! 


I repeat... EEEEK! 

Let's learn a little more about this strange creature...

OOOOKAYYY!  It breathes AIR!  It lives on LAND!  And it DOES NOT BITE... (Ulp!) UNLESS MISHANDLED?! 

Um, how would I know that I "mishandled" it, until it was too late and my "Friendly Land Crab" put the bite on me? 

...And, since it's "one of the LONGEST-LIVED pets on Earth", you can't even get rid of the darned thing, if you find that "'s just not working out!

...See?  ...SEE?  It can live for 70 YEARS! 

And you can give it "any kind of food", presumably up to and including... human flesh! 

No wonder those chipmunks are running...

...Cause it's only a few short steps from THIS...

...To THIS! 

It could have been worse... Someone could have ordered LOBSTER! 

That would indeed be "claws" for concern! 

Monday, August 12, 2019

1,000 Posts Later!

A lot can happen over the course of 1,000 posts!

On August 14, 2008, I started this humble Blog.  1,000 posts later, here we are in August, 2019, virtually ELEVEN YEARS to the day!

I was in an APA where my writing was reaching the wrong audience.  1,000 posts later, I am reaching the best audience I could ever hope for!

I created this Blog in a den, hastily converted from an open-air carport. 1,000 posts later, I now write it from a den with two large windows and two skylights - albeit a smaller overall space.

My mother was alive and occasionally mentioned at this Blog, when it began.  1,000 posts later, she is no more.

Esther's father was a huge part of our lives as well.  1,000 posts later, he, too, is no more.  We are parent-less. 

This Blog began in a smaller, less comfortable house.  1,000 posts later, it comes to you from Esther's personally-selected dream house - and she so very much deserves it for putting up with me for 16 years!

As this Blog began, I had a successful career of 26 years!  1,000 posts later, that career stretched to 35 years until a particularly vile and despicable individual suddenly ended it.  Said individual was also dealt with a year later, for improprieties and crimes both in the present situation and also those resulting from a shady history before our association! 

Back then, I was an IT Specialist.  1,000 posts later, I am a "writer" with credits at Gemstone, Boom! Studios, Fantagraphics, and IDW.  
...Though, not a "very-regularly-employed" writer anymore, alas.  Thanks to a most unceremonious sendoff by IDW! 

I was stressed-out, overworked, and had sleeping issues - thanks to a succession of unpleasant changes in my workplace, culminating with the arrival of - and unwarranted abuse by - the "vile and despicable individual" mentioned above!  1,000 posts later, I am a happy, if occasionally underfunded, retiree.

I had a lot of comic books and DVDs - and wrote about them here.  1,000 posts later, I have many more.  Perhaps there's some correlation with my underfunded state?  Naaah!  And, I'm still writing about them.  How do you think I *got* to 1,000 posts?

I liked to ride county buses.  A then-good, but slightly flawed system, which would eventually be privatized and severely cut back by politicians with agendas.  1,000 posts later, I am a local bus transit advocate, working for better bus service in our county - regularly meeting with the CEO of the bus operating firm (a good guy, who's in a difficult position), and speaking before the County Legislature for increased funding!

When this Blog began, I knew a few people with whom I shared some common interests.  1,000 posts later, I've made many new fiends via the Blog!  Not mere "Facebook-kinda-friends", but great people whom I consider real friends!  Take a bow!

I loved Esther before the end of our first blind date in 2003!  1,000 posts later, I love her more than ever! 

I was "just me"1,000 posts later, I am grandfather to Averi... the cutest, most wonderful little girl in the world!  Of course, I'm biased... but she really is!  Sorry, everyone else!  :-)

A lot can happen over the course of 1,000 posts!  ...What has happened to YOU?  

C'mon along and let's see what the NEXT 1,000 posts bring!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Important Update on a Previous Post!

Our friend Alberto Becattini has offered an important update to the recent post on the cover artist of DONALD DUCK # 195!  Alberto's update can be found in the Comments Section of that post!  

I call your attention to it, and urge you to read it - as well as my follow-up comment (that includes information on Alberto's recent pair of books), which you should find to be of interest!

You can access the post HERE!  

...But, do try to get there with your HANDS ON THE WHEEL!  

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: One Comic - Four Heroes (Minus Two?)

SUPERMAN # 338 (DC Comics, Cover Date: August, 1979) was a very special issue!

Not only was it the 40th Anniversary of the SUPERMAN comic book title...

...But contained one of the best Superman stories of the 1970s!  Perhaps THE best story of the "second half of the seventies"(...The first half had many other great ones too!)  

SUPERMAN # 338 also gave you FOUR HEROES in ONE ISSUE...

SUPER HEROES: Superman and Supergirl...

...And (at the time) SPORTS HEROES: O.J. Simpson and Pete Rose!  

(CLICK TO ENLARGE - if you must!)  

Since 1979, the world has taken all of us to many strange and unexpected places... some of them wonderful... some of them... well... not!  

I leave you without further comment, save to say that SUPERMAN # 338 started out with FOUR HEROES on display within its covers... and, regrettably, ended up with only TWO!