Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015! (Hey, that rhymes!)

For Halloween 2015, courtesy of our friend Dan Cunningham, is this wonderful photo of Horror Film stars Lon Chaney Jr., Tor Johnson, John Carradine, and Bela Lugosi (left to right, top to bottom) enjoying a communal read of Dell Comics’ WALT DISNEY’S COMICS AND STORIES # 190! 

Then again, this could be “IDW Disney Comics Halloween”… and it might actually be Thad Komorowski, Jonathan Gray, David Gerstein, and Joe Torcivia (left to right, top to bottom) expertly costumed as classic horror stars!   …I’ll never tell!

As if that isn’t enough, consider that the copy of WDC&S # 190 that we appear to be holding might actually be a copy of IDW’s WDC&S # 721 masquerading as such! 


                              …Stuffed inside THIS? 

Now, THAT’S some great disguise work!  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Treat Coming!

We republish these recent Halloween images, in anticipation of one very unique and wonderful Halloween image that will be coming on Thursday! 

Come back then… You’ll love it!

Donald's in it... in an unexpecetd way... And, with a few equally-unexpected guest stars. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

R.I.P. Murphy Anderson

At TIAH Blog, we mourn the loss of Murphy Anderson, longtime artist primarily associated with DC Comics - and one of a renowned group of artists that defined the Silver Age of Comic Books - including Carmine Infantino, Curt Swan, Gil Kane, and, of course, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby. 

Mr. Anderson passed away on October 23, at the age of 89. 

Murphy Anderson was a superb artist in his own right, as seen on this iconic HAWKMAN cover.

But, he may have been best known as an inker, particularly for his work with Carmine Infantino...

...And, a collaboration with Curt Swan that was so seamless and (dare I say) heavenly, that the name "Swanderson" was coined to identify it! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Murphy Anderson at a Silver Age panel at San Diego... in, I believe, 2000. 

Mark Evanier, as usual, may have the best post on Murphy Anderson. 

Here is DC Comics' official statement

Rest in Peace, Murphy Anderson.  The Silver Age, and EVERYTHING that followed in its considerable wake, owes you a debt. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

On Sale October 14, 2015: UNCLE SCROOGE # 7 from IDW.

If you’re looking for a “No Tricks Halloween Treat”, look no further than UNCLE SCROOGE # 7 (Legacy Numbering: 411) from IDW!

In it, you’ll find the New-to-the-USA “Mummy Fearest”, from Topolino 1109 (1977), by the great Romano Scarpa – translated from the Italian and dialogued by yours truly. 

As a means of safeguarding his money for the ages, Scrooge refashions his Money Bin into the form of an ancient Egyptian pyramid. 

But, arch rival John D. Rockerduck wants the bin out of his sight and out of his way…

…And decides the best way to accomplish this is to dress up as a ghostly mummy!   Gotta love his reasoning…

…Though I think these popular animated characters might take issue with his statement above! 

Um, yes they WOULD! 

Here’s what happens when Mummy meets McDuck!  Dig the mummy’s name, classic horror fans!

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hopelessly lost in the pyramid’s catacombs! 

What happens next?  And how do the Junior Woodchucks figure into this?  Read the story and find out!  I’m no spoiler! 

The issue is rounded out by “Of Mice and Magic”, a New-to-the-USA Dutch story from 1980, nicely drawn by Mark De Jonge, translated and dialogued by our own Thad Komorowski.

A typical “short encounter” with Magica De Spell, to which Thad adds some very nice touches! 

If only all “Color Coded Threat Warnings” were as explicitly fun as this! 

Speaking of fiery fun...

And how about this reference to the DuckTales episode “Duck to the Future”! 

Why, even the TITLE recalls this valuable animation reference work by the great film and animation historian Leonard Maltin!    

So, let neither Magica Mouse nor Mocking Mummy deter you from getting to your local comic book shop and picking up a copy of UNCLE SCROOGE # 7 (Legacy Numbering: 411) from IDW!

…And steer clear of Mummies wearing glasses along the way!  

As always, once you’ve read the issue, please come back and join the discussion in our Comments Section! 

Just remember, I do not speak for IDW, or anyone in its employ.  I speak strictly for myself as both a long-time fan and as a dialogue creator – and those opinions are strictly my own. 

I’ll meet you back here for another lively comment thread!

Just don't get so "wrapped-up" in the issue, that you'll forget to leave comments!

Friday, October 16, 2015

New York Comic Con 2015: Day Four and Final: The Mighty Quinn!

Sunday saw an IDW “kids comics” panel, featuring Disney comics editor Sarah Gaydos, artist Derek Charm, and others.  Turtles and Ponies tended to dominate.  But there was a least a little love for Disney. 

My favorite moment of the con, to digress, was autographing (along with David) a copy of the first UNCLE SCROOGE Trade Paperback for a mother and son!  

Also did the same on Day One, for a young lady dressed as Jose Carioca!  Though that was the DONALD DUCK Trade Paperback, in which none of my work appeared.  Still honored to do so.  

Before the panel I saw this comic for sale at cover price.  I had to get it. 

Captain Strong was the “Popeye Tribute Character” who appeared in various Superman comics in the ‘70s and '80s, such as the one directly below, that the Harley cover tributes, and this later one. 

On line for the panel, I discovered that the Captain Strong story was (surprise, surprise) concluded in the next issue – so I got that one as well.  And, because I enjoyed the HARLEY QUINN ROAD TRIP SPECIAL the day before (I TOLD YOU to remember this!), snagged a few other HARLEY QUINN issues at cover price. 

Before the afternoon was over, I had all 20 issues of the current HARLEY QUINN series, the ZERO issue and a few more specials.  I’ve always loved the character – and now that my tastes in current DC Comics series has shifted almost completely toward the humorous ones – and away from the ever-changing, continuity-heavy ones – this was a natural. 

I read and thoroughly enjoyed the ZERO issue, and am presently in the beginning of the # 1 issue.  I've just added HARLEY QUINN to my regular comic shop reserve list.  After all, something’s gotta replace the tragic loss of BATMAN ’66

Hey, Harley's even HERE in 1966! 

Oh, and there must be some serious fan-buzz going on with Harley and Poison Ivy, because I saw this very recent comic selling for as much as 20 bucks!  Glad I got mine at cover price, as a regular SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP reserve customer! 

Traveled home and had an early dinner with David Gerstein and Jonathan Gray – and so endeth New York Comic Con 2015!