Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy "Last-Day-of-2021"!

Any auld acquaintance can wish you "Happy New Year"... but here is where you'll always get the unusual and the unique -- so "HAPPY LAST-DAY-OF-2021"!

And I *AM* indeed happy that it's the "Last-Day-of-2021"... a year that only looks good when compared with its predecessor!

...Or, to put a more optimistic spin on this... 2021 was, all things considered, better than 2020... let's hope that trend continues with 2022!   

Monday, December 27, 2021

Watchin' the Detective (Comics) with Mark Evanier!


My one-time mentor for all things "comics-writing" (whether he knew it at the time, or not), Mark Evanier, has posted at his Blog, a truly excellent SEVEN-PART (!) ESSAY on the day a "New Look" came to Batman in DETECTIVE COMICS!

Mark does so (as he always does) with the proper perspective of "someone who was there at the time" - and that's a perspective that you don't always get from the myriad of folks that fancy themselves as comic-book experts or historians.  

As someone who also endeavors to present that same "perspective" in his many musings on the subject of comics, I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE this when I see it!

You will too, once you TAKE THIS LINK and begin reading Mark's account of a true "game-changing event" (...Yes, that phrase is waaay overused but, in this case, it's quite accurate!) in the history of comic books!

Mark doesn't publish comments at his Blog (he'd probably be swamped with them if he did), so feel free to leave your impressions here... perhaps he'll see them.


Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Amid Construction... a Little Christmas!

Our great friend Elaine offered a suggestion in the comments section of our previous post, and I like it, so I'll hand it over to her...

"Speaking of eye-catching covers...maybe you could do a Christmas post where you just ask us to nominate our favorite Christmas covers. I realize you can't currently access your own favorites to post images, so this might have to wait till next year to satisfy your blogging standards...but I'd enjoy finding out everyone's favorites. I myself use some comics with Christmas covers for Christmas décor--I set them up around the living room!"

Since, as I said in response, "Oh, and MY “Christmas décor around the living room” this year is plaster and drop cloths… and they’re not even festively colored. (Sigh!)"

I think we should give it a try... but with one additional wrinkle...

Since, under these construction-hampered circumstances, I can't (as Elaine says) "access [my] own favorites to post images", I would suggest that anyone offering an example PROVIDE A GCD LINK (OR INDUCKS, IF YOU PREFER) to the particular comic in question!

That way we can all see the Christmas images you hold special!

You can access GCD here!   And INDUCKS here!

Have at it, and have the happiest of holidays!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Superman Catches a Bus!

 As a local Bus Transit Advocate for several years...

...You just KNOW I had to get a copy of ACTION COMICS #199 (DC Comics, Cover Date: December, 1954)!  

You know the old Henny Youngman joke about when his wife "sits around the house"... "she SITS AROUND THE HOUSE!"  

So it would seem that, when "Superman catches a bus"... "Superman CATCHES A BUS!"

...Let's just hope it's never one that I'm on!

Talk about "unanticipated delays"!

Monday, December 13, 2021

"Horrifically Busy" Just Got More "Horrifically Busy"!

Just when ya thought it couldn't get worse, there's another reason this humble Blog is not up to its (kinda, sorta) usual standards of posting frequency!

Yes, it's the dread task of HOUSE CONSTRUCTION!

It would seem that two amazingly cute little grandchildren are not the only "additions" to our lives!

Averi (right) and Cici - September, 2021

We need a place to put 'em for their (hopefully) frequent future visits, thus the expansion.  

One day, half the house was GONE, and the next a new wooden frame was in its place!  And don't get me started on the number of things I had to move and crowd into awkward (but, so far, reasonably safe) places!  

My den, from which I write these posts, remains inaccessible, and I've resorted to moving my Blogging activities to a less-familiar laptop - on my kitchen table!  And, to do so, had to go through more corridors and alleyways of Google than I thought possible in order to just get to where I could Blog on the darned thing!  

But, since "perseverance" is one of my many middle names (...Just don't call me "Percy" for short - 'cause HE won't like me appropriating his name)...

Of course, you remember where HE comes from!

...Here I am, and ready to resume under these sometimes-trying circumstances, to the relief and (dare I say it?) joy of all!

Let's see how this first kitchen-laptop post - and its follow-up comments (AHEM!) go - and, as a result of my "Google-tampering" to do so, will anything be out-of-whack once I get my desktop computer - and my DESK, and my swivel chair... and my DEN - back!   

I leave you with this image of a hole in my living room, leading out to the back yard... mostly because it's the only other picture I took of the whole affair as of yet, and hope the "next six weeks" (Groan!) go smoothly!

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Questions You Never Asked: Why Did Huckleberry Hound Start Wearing a Mask?

A question for our crazy times...  Why did Huckleberry Hound start wearing a mask? 

No, it wasn't because of a skunk! 

...Give up?  

He was concerned about catching the "O-M'DARLIN" variant of COVID!

Now, you know why you NEVER asked that question! 

You just never can tell what a feller's got to protect himself from these days!