Sunday, August 28, 2022

Separated at Mirth: Bears Repeating (a Gag)!

What could a "Smarter Than the Average Bear" possibly have in common with a "Bear of Very Little Brain"?  

Not much, I'll grant you, but they DO have a Mirth Separation over Honey (or "Hunny") and the not-so-safe transport of same!  

Consider the "sidekick's delight" on the covers of YOGI BEAR # 14 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: October, 1963)...

...And WINNIE-THE-POOH #21 (Whitman Comics, Cover Date: October, 1980 - more-or-less 17 years apart)!  

When you set them in reverse chronological order, they're even WALKING TOWARD one another! 

And with all four characters in the correct proportions to one another!  Tallest to shortest: Yogi, Pooh, Boo Boo (almost neck-and-neck), and Piglet!  

Ya think one bear might tip off the other?  You know like the "Brotherhood of Fellow Bears", or something like that?  ..."Code of the Bears", if you will?  

Or maybe Yogi and Pooh are too taken with visions of Honey (or "Hunny") to notice... and Boo Boo and Piglet will just wink at each other!  

The branch-bearing bears might even obliviously walk into each other, and ask directions back to Jellystone Park and/or the Hundred-Acre Wood.  After all, ONE OF THEM would be seriously out of place.  ...Probably lost because they didn't heed their perpetually-worrying sidekicks!  

Well, regardless of WHO's headed WHERE, we have YOGI BEAR # 14 and WINNIE-THE-POOH #21 simultaneously "together" while "SEPARATED" AT MIRTH! 

Friday, August 26, 2022

The Month of AAUGH-ust!

 August, as it turned out, was a "Month of Many Things"!  

Some of them really bad... more of them good... all of them draining and depleting!  

Outside of working on a story for Fantagraphics at the beginning of AAUGH-ust, and just completing another one at the end, virtually none of my normal activities - personal communications, indexing for GCD, comics reading and "The Great Comics Organization and Storage Retirement Project"... and, yes, even this Blog - received ANY of my attentions during this period!  

It's finally time to rectify this, and begin getting things back on track! 

So, here I am with an admittedly less than adequate explanation for our lengthy absence, and hope you're all still around and ready to rejoin me, as we try to make this insane world a better place... one Blog post at a time!  

Together let's begin turning AAUGH-ust into YEP-tember!