Friday, January 29, 2010

LOST Plays Fair (Better Late than Never!)

Back in September 2008, I wrote the following quote (below in yellow/tan) while devouring the amazing television series known as LOST, exclusively on DVD. I did this for the first four seasons, before finally giving-in to watch 2009’s Season Five on broadcast television.

This unfortunate event occurred while in the thick of the Season Two DVD (pictured at left). Beware of this, should you choose to follow my path (…usually a wise thing to do – but not in this case! )

“I’ve decided to avoid inadvertent spoilers by skipping the Audio Commentary tracks until the season set is complete – and then going back to replay them after absorbing the season as a whole. My failure to do this earlier resulted in the commentators spoiling a MAJOR turning point for the characters of [ CHARACTER NAMES OVERLAID TO AVOID ADDITIONAL SPOILERS ] that occurs later in the [second] season.”

Apparently, someone at Disney felt my pain – as demonstrated by this SPOILER WARNING that displays before allowing you to play an Audio Commentary track on the LOST Season Five DVD set:

“Spoiler Alert! The following Audio Commentary reveals specific story information from later episodes in LOST Season 5. For the best viewing experience, we advise against listening to this commentary prior to viewing all of the episodes in this collection.”

Options to go “BACK” and to “CONTINUE” are offered.

Earlier in the year, Warner Bros. took a similar approach with the FRINGE Season One DVD, as you can read about HERE.

It’s nice to see that DVD producers are now taking into consideration the notion that there are people (in sizable numbers, if the DVD forum posts I read are any indication) that may first come to a new series via DVD (…as I have done with LOST, HEROES, and FRINGE) rather than weekly broadcasts.

Just my view, but (if you’re willing to risk investing in a “blind-buy”) it IS the best way to sample one of today’s continuity-heavy ongoing series! Start from the beginning, and take it at your own pace and when your schedule permits. Try it, and you’ll see it works!

Oh, and LOST THE FINAL SEASON (where we, hopefully, wrap everything up) begins this Tuesday February 02! See you there!

Little Blog Gone!

Yes, we’ve been “dark” for most of January. Various factors and the “usual suspects” are the cause. We’ll try to do better. On with the show…

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Want a Refund on the ’70s!

Of every decade during which I’ve possessed total awareness, I enjoyed the seventies the least!

I loved the sixties. Liked the eighties. Loved the nineties. After a disastrous beginning, I came to love the two-thousands. I cannot begin to guess about the twenty-tens… but, if it were at all possible, I’d take a refund on the seventies.

In the seventies, every aspect of life (and all the things I enjoyed in other decades) either became absurd, went into serious decline, or was just totally wrong.

But, why take it from me when the writer of
THIS DVD REVIEW says it better than I ever could.

Aw, don’t be curious… read it! You just might agree!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mighty Mouse Meets Perry Mason!

Yes, really. See the first video below.

A Perry Mason promo, aired DURING “The Mighty Mouse Playhouse”? Conversely, I wonder
if Mighty Mouse was equally cross-promoted during Perry Mason. Somehow, I doubt it!

And, while we’re still in a “Mighty Frame of Mind”, play the color version of the complete, original Might Mouse theme song from 1965. Enjoy.

"Mouse v. Mason"

"Mighty Colorful"

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from TIAH Blog! 2010!

No, it’s not 1946, but those “big number props” (Not to mention this cover image!) were just lying around – and we never waste anything at TIAH Blog! Cover Image from LOONEY TUNES AND MERRIE MELODIES # 52 (1945).

Welcome to 2010!

This is the year we finally stop referring to the year as “TWO THOUSAND-SOMETHING”… as in “Two Thousand Four”, “Two Thousand Eight”, etc. – and start calling it “TWENTY-SOMETHING”… as in “Twenty Ten”, “Twenty Twelve”, Twenty Twenty One” and beyond.
I don’t know why the change, other than it just sounds better, I suppose. We don’t need to pronounce the extra syllable “OH”, as it would be if we said “Twenty OH Nine”!
Anyway, keep visiting in “Twenty (no OH) Ten”, as we continue our fun with comic books, DVDs, animation, TV, sports, and anything else “Blog-worthy” that comes along.