Saturday, January 18, 2020

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Get 'Em by the Thousand!

All together now...  


And, for better or for worse, if there's one thing we associate with The Holidays... it's STUFF!  

Stuff we give... and (...deep down, if we're really and truly being honest with our greedy and materialistic selves) stuff we get!  

And, in what is clearly the most tenuous connection I've yet made in this series of "Extended Holiday Posts", can ya get MORE STUFF from a single comic book ad page than this one from TWEETY AND SYLVESTER # 47 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: July, 1975)? 

 Well? Can ya? 

1001 Free Gifts?  (...with the promise of "OVER 1001 Free Items", yet!) 

Add to all that... 1000 DECALS!  (...And for ONLY ONE DOLLAR?!)  

Why, even if you didn't like sixties pop-culture and counter-culture symbols (...and why wouldn't you?), or decals in general, this is a hard one to pass up!  

Chances are, if you didn't get "the stuff you wanted" this holiday season, you could find something to console yourself with on this lowly-but-noble comic book page!  

...After all, you DO have over 2000 items to choose from! 

Then again, you might very well STILL get "the stuff you wanted" this holiday season, because... 

All together now...  


Gad!  I never dreamed that a Blog could be this powerful!  

We could take this thing into Spring, if we're not careful!  

Before leaving, it would be poor form not to show the comic book that wishes to heal our wounds of unfulfilled holiday-gift-receiving - so, without further ado... TWEETY AND SYLVESTER # 47 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: July, 1975)

Bonus GCD Link:  Well, there isn't one at the moment, because I am presently preparing the index for this issue.  It should be here shortly.  Keep looking!  

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

What’s Last …and First …and Red (read) All Over? (...Another LONG Post!)

Ya know?  That old joke REALLY doesn’t work in printed form!  No matter, because…


As for that “What’s Last …and First” part... You're probably asking yourself, now that the (once unimaginable) New Year of 2020 has been rung in, what was the LAST comic Joe read in 2019 - and what was the FIRST comic he read in 2020 - and were they really "red (read) all over?"

...Even if not, just go along with the bit, okay?  

You're ALSO probably asking yourself... They must have been really spectacular choices to commemorate such an important turn-of-decade, right? 

Well, EVERY comic book I own is "special" to me, kinda like the way every coin is "special" to Scrooge McDuck.  Each one of my precious comic books has "its own story"!  In fact, many of them have SEVERAL stories, and lots of ads to boot - but I digress. 

But, in terms of historic import - or "gravitas", if you will - you might well consider my choices to be quite ordinary!  Though, again (like Scrooge's coins), none of them are "ordinary" to me! 

Last Comic of 2019:  MARCH OF COMICS # 402 -  Daffy Duck (Promotional Giveaway, 1975)

First Comic of 2020: WORLD'S FINEST # 106 (DC Comics, Cover Date: December, 1959)

Feel free to read on, once your moment of stunned silence has passed! 

Okay, now that you've rejoined us, I have to ask... Has anyone ever actually said "Great Scott!" in real life? 

Sure, Captain Kirk might occasionally say "Great Work, Scotty!" in times of crisis...

...But "Great Scott!"?  I dunno!  

Yet, it's even on the cover of the VERY NEXT ISSUE (# 107)! 

...And, many, many more! 

You might think that my choice of WORLD'S FINEST # 106 could have something to do with its  Cover Date of December, 1959 - sixty years after we'd just left 2019 in our cosmic rear view mirror... but, no.  It was just luck-of-the-draw, as both these comics were in the very last shipment of back issues I received from Lone Star Comics before the turning of the year!   

So, without further ado, let's say goodbye to 2019 with MARCH OF COMICS # 402 -  Daffy Duck (Promotional Giveaway, 1975)!

"March of Comics" (as discussed in THIS POST) was designed to be a giveaway premium, and was used for promotional purposes by major retailers such as Sears, and by others you probably never heard of.

Beginning in 1946, and ending in 1982 (!), it ran for an astounding 488 issues - and was produced by the same editorial and creative folks that brought you Dell and Gold Key Comics. 

Daffy Duck "The Bottled Blabber" 14 pages (of 3-tiers per page) is written by Vic Lockman and penciled by Phil DeLara. 

Long story short, Daffy and Elmer Fudd, with the help of a few wacky inventions by Elmer's (presumably deceased) Uncle Fignewton Fudd...

...Travel to a somewhat familiar place in time and space, even if you've never read this particular story before!  

"Familiar", that is, to ANOTHER duck named "DONALD"!

Yes, Vic Lockman sent BOTH famous ducks back to the fabled "Battle at Hadrian's Wall"!  

Happily for us readers, Lockman gave us two very different stories about "Hadrian's Wall" - for Donald in 1966, and for Daffy in 1968!  More "wall" for "all", let's have a ball!  

...And, yes, I said "Daffy in 1968!" 

Because, while March of Comics # 402 appeared in 1975, the story therein was reprinted from 1968's March of Comics # 313!

Look closely, and you'll see a reference to "1968" in one of the panels I reproduced above!  

Look closer still, and you'll find a total of FOUR references to "1968" scattered throughout MOC # 402!  Oops!  Someone was asleep at the time-switch!  

All the more oddly, this story was ALSO reprinted in GOLDEN COMICS DIGEST # 39 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: September, 1974) - where THREE of the FOUR references to "1968" were changed to "1974"... but one was not!  

Golden Comics Digest # 39: ("1974" re-lettered)

March of Comics # 402: (Still "1968" in 1975) 
(Click to Enlarge)

Western Publishing... Ya gotta love 'em! 

Regardless of the year, it was my last comic-read of 2019!  Now, let's usher-in 2020 with WORLD'S FINEST # 106!

There's probably no better way to celebrate a new year than with a good 1950's sci-fi-based-villain story, featuring DC's two greatest heroes...

...Oh, yeah! ...And Robin, too! 

(...Okay, maybe there ARE better ways, but none I'm willing to discuss here!) 

Classic DC artist Dick Sprang could sure draw some great villains!  

And, look... Even some iconic "giant props"!  

Add a villain that's (at least temporarily) a match for Batman (Oh, yeah! ...And Robin too!)... 

...As well as Superman...

...And a good time is had by all...

See the lower left of the panel above… Even DICK TRACY admires “The World’s Finest Heroes!”

WORLD'S FINEST # 106 is rounded-out by stories featuring "Tommy Tomorrow" and "Green Arrow and Speedy" - the later of which serves to illustrate just how similar Green Arrow was to Batman!

Let's check the boxes, shall we? 

"Wealthy Guy in a Mansion"?  CHECK!

"Youthful Ward"?  CHECK!

"The Arrow Signal"?  CHECK!  

"The Arrowcar"?  CHECK!  

...And, quite true - no joke, he drove "The Arrowcar" out of "The Arrow Cave"!   CHECK-A-ROONIE!  

Small wonder they made so much of the similarities, which evolved into a rivalry, on the animated series BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD!  

Not to mention the comic based on the show! 

Anyway... This post might be just about finished, BUT...


We will have at least one more Holiday Post before I'll consider calling it quits.  Be there, won't you?  

BONUS GCD LINKS:  Here are the links to each featured comic at Grand Comics Database!

March of Comics # 402  (I wrote this one!) 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

20 20s for 2020!


Don't look at your calendar!  Just look here! 

It matters not that we've reached the New Year, the holiday fun will extend until *I* say it's over... Because (all together now) THE HOLIDAYS AREN'T OVER UNTIL I SAY THEY ARE!  ...Got it?  Good! 

And, to celebrate the New Year of 2020, we present 20 comic books with "Issue Number 20"!  (Aw c'mon!  Tell me you won't find cheaper stunts elsewhere around the Internet!) 

Our "20 20s for 2020" may be presented in alphabetical order but, rest assured, I love them all!  

BATMAN '66 # 20 (DC Comics, Cover Date: April, 2015)

BOB HOPE # 20 (DC Comics, Cover Date: April/May, 1953)

DAFFY DUCK # 20 (Dell Comics, Cover Date: January/March, 1960)

THE FLINTSTONES # 20 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: August, 1964)

THE FOX AND THE CROW # 20 (DC Comics, Cover Date: October, 1954)

HUCKLEBERRY HOUND # 20 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: April, 1963)

IMPULSE # 20 (DC Comics, Cover Date: December, 1996)

JIMMY OLSEN # 20 (DC Comics, Cover Date: April, 1957)

BATMAN LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT # 20 (DC Comics, Cover Date: July, 1991)

LOIS LANE # 20 (DC Comics, Cover Date: October, 1960)

LOONEY TUNES AND MERRIE MELODIES # 20 (Dell Comics, Cover Date: June, 1943)

MIGHTY MOUSE # 20 (St. John Comics, Cover Date: November, 1950)

PORKY PIG # 20 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: October, 1968)

REAL SCREEN COMICS # 20 (DC Comics, Cover Date: October/November, 1948)

SCOOBY-DOO # 20 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: August, 1973)

SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP # 20 (DC Comics, Cover Date: Jaunary, 2017)

SUPERMAN (1987 Series) # 20 (DC Comics, Cover Date: August, 1988)

UNCLE SCROOGE # 20 (Dell Comics, Cover Date: December, 1957 / February, 1958)

WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES # 20 (Dell Comics, Cover Date: May, 1942)

WOODY WOODPECKER # 20 (Dell Comics, Cover Date: August/September, 1953)

There you have a nice cross-section of "20 Issue Number 20" comics I like - over many different years!  

Special Bonus "21 for 2020" Comic: SCOOBY-DOO WHERE ARE YOU? # 102 (DC Comics, Cover Date: February, 2020)  ...You know, like the "extra bagel" they throw-in when you buy a dozen!  Scooby and Shaggy would like that analogy!  

It's the first comic I bought with a 2020 Cover Date... AND, if you muck-around with the Issue Number (102), you can get both "20" AND "21"!  ...How 'bout that!  

BONUS GCD LINK:  SCOOBY-DOO WHERE ARE YOU? # 102 indexed at Grand Comics Database!  I wrote this index - you can tell by the "Unofficial Title" I gave the cover!  

Go to it HERE! 

Happy New Year - 2020 (Imagine us "kids of the 1960s" would actually see this!), and remember... 


There will be more to come...