Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ask and I Shall Receive… Again!

In out last post, I lamented the lack of any official word about the coming of the BATMAN (1966) TV series to official, non-bootleg, Warner Bros DVD, beyond an initial and isolated Tweet by Conan O’Brien.  HERE.

"You think YOU'VE got it tough, Conan... Try being a TEN YEAR OLD KID on TV every week since the late eighties!  Losing THE TONIGHT SHOW's a snap compared to that!"
Previously, I also lamented the inexplicable lack of DVDs for the 1968 Filmation BATMAN Animated Series (the immediate follow-up to the BATMAN TV series though less overtly campy and somewhat more evocative of Silver Age comic books) – HERE. 

Then, almost immediately, I learned that the 1968 Filmation BATMAN Animated Series IS indeed coming to Warner DVD during 2014 – HERE.

Even The Joker is pleased at the news!

And, in keeping with that “immediate gratification thing” concerning Batman DVDs, commenter “Rusty” informed me that Warner DID include a significant mention of BATMAN (1966) DVDs in an announcement made last week – just one day AFTER my Blog post wondering why there was no word from Warner. 
"No Word" is NOT "Good Word", Old Chum!

Here’s a quote pulled from the announcement: 
“*Home Entertainment – Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will bring fans an array of new Batman titles throughout the year, including the highly anticipated release of the Batman ’66 TV series for the first time ever. Other new releases include animated films Son of Batman (May 6) and Assault on Arkham (summer 2014). Additionally, a 25th Anniversary Edition of Tim Burton’s Batman feature film will be released in the fall.”
Oddly, they DON'T explicitly reference the 1968 Filmation series in the announcement! Go fig!

And HERE’S THE LINK to the announcement itself. 
"Holy Rain Check, Batman!  Let's get to the retailer of our choice, before it's SOLD OUT!"

The Joker's happy about THIS NEWS, too!
I kinda like having Warner make announcements in response to my Blog posts… So, while I’m on a roll I’ll ask where Seasons 2-4 of THE HUCKLEBERRY HOUND SHOW are. 



(…And, what the hey, while we’re at it… the Hanna-Barbera ABBOTT AND COSTELLO and LAUREL AND HARDY cartoons, too!) 


All the Tex Avery MGM cartoons. 


Where are the color theatrical POPEYEs?

And more LOONEY TUNES – and the continuation of the LOONEY TUNES and TOM AND JERRY Blu-ray series! 

Hey, I can dream (of more immediate gratification), can’t I?  

Let's hope it's NOT "The End" for all these!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Same Bat-Lie? Same Bat-Channel (…our Frustrations)!

This past January 15, we were "walking on air" or, like the Dynamic Duo above, "running on enthusiasm"! 

Why?  Because of THIS POST, that seemed to herald the coming of the 1966 BATMAN TV Series to DVD, at long last! 

Now, TEN WEEKS LATER, we're "running on fumes", because there has been NO ADDITIONAL word of this long-awaited Bat-event, from any news source of which I'm aware. 

I keep looking for NEWS... but I don't find any!
Was the whole thing merely a prank on the part of Bat-Mite? 

Would I prank MY IDOL, on such a serious matter, Batman?

Maybe it was all a plot by the nefarious, mind-controlling Emperor Joker

...Could be?
That'll teach me to put stock in a Tweet from former SIMPSONS writer Conan O'Brien -- with nothing more to back it up! 

Don't have a Bat-Cow, man!
I guess I'll just have to accept the possibility that we'll never have BATMAN 1966 in all its full-color Bat-Glory, on officially released, non-bootleg DVD. 

Is Batman doing the Bat-tusi... or is he silently wiping away his tears? 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day – 2014!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all! 

And, around here, that would mean a visit from Good Leprechaun “Patrick Moore O’Shaughnessy”!  You DO know where he first appeared, don’t you? 
Patrick and I also wish to take this occasion to engage in my never-before-evoked, self-imposed Rules of Blogger Etiquette.  The first Rule of which is to never go more than two weeks without an update – or a post noting that updates have been lacking, and that they may temporarily be somewhat slow in coming. 

Apologies to all who have visited here for the past 14 days, only to find the same old Russell Johnson / Roger Corman post.  A lengthy and disruptive event (now over – and in no way injurious to me, my loved ones, or property) has resulted in LOTS of my work piling up, along with a number of domestic obligations.  Both are being caught-up on as I write this.  Blogging will be among the last things to finally normalize. 

Russell Johnson was hoping things would "normalize" for him too!
But, it will “normalize” soon.   Swear on the spirit of a Good Leprechaun! 

Let’s just hope his evil brother “Mickey” doesn’t show up!    

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Russell Johnson’s ORIGINAL “Three-Hour Tour”!

Actually, it was a tour with a running time of One Hour, Three Minutes, and Two Seconds -- and was better known as classic horror and sci-fi director Roger Corman's 1957 film "Attack of the Crab Monsters"! 

Please read my original tribute post for the late Mr. Johnson HERE -- and note that, beyond his iconic character of "The Professor" on television's GILLIGAN'S ISLAND, ...

...that he was also a regular presence in 1950s Sci-Fi films!

Russell Johnson in Jack Arnold's classic "It Came From Outer Space".
And, given this knowledge, how I ever managed to omit what may be the FIRST TIME Russell Johnson was ever "stranded on an island", is darned near unforgivable!

Russell Johnson (Center) -- and that's not The Mate (who was a mightily sailing man) and The Skipper (brave and sure) with him!

Note Johnson's credit, at lower right.
 Russell Johnson and his "original fellow castaways" await the "Attack of the Crab Monsters" (Below). 

And, here's what they're waiting for!

So, in his Fifties Sci-Fi film career, Russell Johnson worked with both Jack Arnold AND Roger Corman!  Pretty impressive, eh? 

And, just as in GILLIGAN'S ISLAND, here he is "fixing the radio"!   Note the Crab Monster Claw in the background! 

"Attack of the Crab Monsters" can be found on this great Roger Corman DVD, along with "Not of This Earth" (with which "Attack of the Crab Monsters" originally played as a double-feature) and "War of the Satellites" -- which (for the geeks among us) features a rotating satellite / spacecraft that made cameos in both LOST IN SPACE and THE TIME TUNNEL! 

If you like this sort of stuff, you can't go wrong with this DVD -- chock full of commentaries and interviews, Roger Corman movie trailers of ALL kinds, and lots of other extras!  Not to mention a noteworthy film appearance by Russell Johnson!

No spoilers here, but did Russell Johnson ever get off his "First Island" safely? 

Watch "Attack of the Crab Monsters" to find out! 
Even this Crab Monster wants to know...