Thursday, April 29, 2021

A Much-Needed Day of Relaxation!

Hello?  HELLO?  Is anybody out there?  …Anybody?  

I could understand if you're not!  

It's unlike a dedicated Blogger like me to disappear for an unspecified period of time, so why should you think to look-in on this day, versus any other day of the past month or so.  

But, there were many reasons for my uncharacteristic vanishing act...  Nothing bad, I assure you.  Not all of it fun-and-candy either, I must add, but none of it bad!  

House matters including renovation, medical and dental matters for both Esther and me, moving new furniture in / moving old furniture out, scheduled Fantagraphics work / UN-scheduled Fantagraphics work, my local bus transit advocacy, and much more served to pull me in too many different directions at once. 

...And then, of course, these two cuties!  

They're ALWAYS at the top of the joyous priority list! 

Yesterday was a point of demarcation for me, and (as the post's title says) a "much-needed" one!  

With far more of the above-listed items behind us than before us, and on a perfect April spring day (Wednesday, the 28th), I did something I haven't done in a VERY long time - largely, but not exclusively, due to COVID-19... I enjoyed a quiet and relaxing day out, in my own special way!

With a sports-drink bottle in hand, I walked out the door (masked), turned right down my block, and proceeded to the corner.  

There, I caught a bus to a local transit hub, and transferred to another bus to Long Beach, NY (the self-proclaimed "City by the Sea").  

As if the gods knew... just in time for me to finally ride the busses I regularly advocate for, at the senior fare of $1.35 (vs. 2.75), COVID-19 hit - and I felt that riding a bus might not have been the wisest of transportation options... but, FINALLY I could go to Long Beach for 1.35!  

I have been "going to Long Beach" (not for $1.35) for a LONG TIME!  Since 1974, in fact!  It has always been one of my most favorite places to go, and its (also self-proclaimed) 2.2 miles of seaside boardwalk is without doubt my most favorite walking location!  

But, why take the bus when most suburban New Yorkers would just DRIVE to Long Beach?  

Um, precisely BECAUSE "most suburban New Yorkers would just DRIVE to Long Beach"!

Sitting on a bus - and I'll grant this might not be true in large urban areas - allows for SERENITY!  I can look out the windows at the wonderful world that still exists, despite the best efforts of people and especially politicians to screw it up.  No tailgating, aggressive, inattentive, or distracted drivers to be constantly mindful of.  No speed traps, red light cameras, or the ever present possibility of overtime parking tickets to keep you vigilant and on-edge... just "pwenty of west and wewaxation - at wast!"  (Wabbits notwithstanding, natch!) 

Of course, THIS could always happen...

...And it DID - in my childhood hometown, just a few years ago (above) - but, I'll still bet on the busses that I constantly advocate for, to elected officials and transit company executives alike, to get me to Long Beach safely... and SERENELY! 

I won "the bet"!  

And what a day it was!  2.2 (x2 - all the way out AND back) miles of board-walking on a perfect sunny day!  Adding the walk to and from busses - and the walk from the bus to and from the boardwalk, I think I can up that total from 4.4 (actual boardwalk walking) to something closer to 5 miles!  ...Both my doctor and I will take it! 

...I'll also "take" this view from the boardwalk!  (...and, with my "widdle phone camewa", I did!) 

Walking this boardwalk has always brought me that complete serenity-immersion that I so often seek, but rarely achieve!  It's too easy to forget that sometimes you must do things that are strictly "good for the soul" - and let the rest wait 'till later!  

After a complete out-and-back, I boarded a bus for home.  

This is the actual bus I took to leave Long Beach, as it continued to disgorge its passengers.  Next, a transfer for home - $1.35 again! 

Consider $1.35 twice for bus fare - and $7.29 at Burger King for early lunch before hitting the boardwalk (and, hopefully, burning some of the BK off) - for a total of $9.99!  

I challenge you to find me a more fun day... for under ten bucks... that doesn't involve buying comics, and does include exercise and exhilaration!  

Such "exhilaration" that it is now time to begin "clawing my way back to the surface"!  Over the coming week, I will begin addressing all the outstanding Blog comments, and (hopefully) outstanding personal correspondence as well.  Oh, and new Blog posts, too!  ...Won't that be dandy!   

I leave you with this... WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES! 

I just may do this regularly! 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Puff! Puff! Pant! Whew!

 Riddle me this, Blog readers...

What's the difference between me and a bus?  

Every few minutes, a bus stops! 

But *I* keep going, and going, and going some more... 

Too many different things going on, all at once! 

Nothing, thankfully, that "my LIFE depends on"!  Nothing bad!  

Just LOTS of it!  Way too much and, alas, some things have to give!  

And so I must beg your indulgence as a I take a slight, but indefinite, pause.  

Blog comments may remain on hold (...or trickle through, depending on how things go), and those of you who correspond personally with me will also notice a break.  

Things will be back to normal soon... You know I can't stay away from this stuff for too long!  

But "good-temporary-bye" for just a short time. 

I'll be back... Blogger's Honor!