Monday, September 17, 2018

"That's -30-" for Us with Issue 40

Here's a very important message from your humble blogger...

Just remember, I do not speak for IDW, or anyone in its employ.  I speak strictly for myself as both a long-time fan and as a dialogue creator – and those opinions are strictly my own.

Ordinarily, we would CLOSE such a post with this now-familiar passage, but it seemed imperative to me that, on this occasion, we OPEN with it!  

And, for anyone wondering about the title of our post, its meaning can be found both HERE and HERE!    

At least its "meaning of origin".  Its emotional meaning, as employed in our title, is another matter entirely!   

Since the introduction of the IDW Disney comic book line in 2015...

...And going back several years - and two publishers - before that...

...I have been both blessed and privileged to work as "translator and dialogue creator" for these extraordinary comics, working alongside such equally extraordinary talents as Jonathan Gray, Thad Komorowski, and Archival Editor David Gerstein. 

 From UNCLE SCROOGE # 34 IDW (2017)

Let alone the still greater privilege of serving the stories of such Disney comic book legends as Romano Scarpa, Giorgio Cavazzano, Andrea ("Casty") Castellan, Giovan Battista Carpi, Luciano Bottaro, Vito Stabile, and so many more - including classic-era American creators such as Paul Murry, Tony Strobl, and Vic Lockman!  

...And even the creator of Superman - Jerry Siegel! 

With IDW's UNCLE SCROOGE # 40 - on sale September 19, 2018 - and with a scant few coming exceptions, this comes to an end.  

New and different individuals will be responsible for the line after that, promising to bring what has been described in the advance solicitations as a "Fresh and Modern" approach!  

I wish them and their efforts well, and urge you to check them out - as I will do.  

With that, I'd like to thank everyone and anyone at IDW - and before that at Gemstone and Boom! Studios - as well as anyone at Disney itself who allowed me to fulfill a lifetime ambition.  

And, the most special thanks of all to my fellow members of the (here's that word again) extraordinary team of Gerstein, Gray, and Komorowski - for the amazing "creative environment" that occurred whenever we got together... and for inspiring me to "elevate my own work" ever higher!  

You will still find me contributing to the (...Can I say it one more time?) extraordinary Fantagraphics "Disney Masters" line of hardcover books, where I will continue to "work with" stories by the greats like Scarpa, Bottaro, and Carpi, and contribute analysis and historical perspective to the work of other creators such as Paul Murry.  

Now, let's just look ahead to this new phase in the "Overall Continuum of American Disney Comic Magazines", ongoing since 1940 (!), and enjoy what's coming next!        

That's -30-!  ...And thanks! 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: The Strange Case of Walt Disney Showcase!

Last post, we made the case for IDW's WALT DISNEY SHOWCASE # 6 being a substitute for the never-published PHANTOM BLOT # 8.

But, did you know this is not the first time "WALT DISNEY SHOWCASE" substituted for an unexpectedly canceled favorite comic book title of the 1960s? 

MOBY DUCK made his debut in Gold Key's DONALD DUCK # 112 (Cover Date: March, 1967)...

...became a recurring member of Donald's supporting cast...

...and finally achieved an ongoing title of his own!  

Above is MOBY DUCK # 11 (Cover Date: October, 1970).  After this issue, I eagerly awaited MOBY DUCK # 12... not knowing that the title had been cancelled!  

But, unlike with PHANTOM BLOT 7 in 1966...

...which was followed by nothing bearing the name "The Phantom Blot", until 2018's  IDW WALT DISNEY SHOWCASE # 6...

...Something unexpected DID turn up in the fall of 1970, when MOBY DUCK # 12 was to be released!  

Would you believe a GOLD KEY issue of a title called WALT DISNEY SHOWCASE?  

Apparently, this was to be both the cover and contents of MOBY DUCK # 12.  And, while it did help soften the blow of MOBY DUCK's abrupt cancellation, it also meant that Moby was (pardon the expression)... sunk!  

On the bright side, however, there eventually WAS an actual MOBY DUCK # 12 - though it wouldn't arrive until 1973 - and in the very same month that it should have arrived in 1970!  Imagine that! 

This particular run of MOBY DUCK would continue until early 1978, ending with issue # 30!  But, if that isn't enough to make this an "Adventure in Comic-Boxing", consider that MOBY DUCK # 30 - the final issue of the title in the USA -  ended with a reprint of THIS...

Yes, the cover and lead story of "The-MOBY-DUCK-#12- That-Never-Was" became part of the regular run with its final issue!  

We'll close with a small "gallery" of abruptly-cancelled titles and "The-WALT-DISNEY-SHOWCASE-Issues-That-Followed-Them"!  

PHANTOM BLOT # 7 (1966) and WALT DISNEY SHOWCASE # 6 (2018)

MOBY DUCK # 11 (1970),  GOLD KEY WALT DISNEY SHOWCASE # 2 (1970) and MOBY DUCK # 30 (1978)