Thursday, July 23, 2020

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Woody's Got It "Figured"!

I'd like to think that the comic-marring-mathematician who marked up my copy of WOODY WOODPECKER # 124 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: July, 1972) at least cried out "A SCRATCH-PAD!  A SCRATCH-PAD!  MY KINGDOM FOR A SCRATCH-PAD!" before taking the drastic step of corrupting my copy with his cursedly copious calculations!

But, no...  He (...and it was probably a "he" because the name "Don" is also scrawled upon the cover - in TWO PLACES, no less) probably just reached for the first thing at hand, and permanently disfigured what is otherwise a really nice condition comic book!  

Then again, if "Don didn't doodle as he did", I wouldn't have gotten this book for a quarter!  

You know... "A Quarter!"  The price of a "Drooler's Delight" - my favorite Woody Woodpecker cartoon!  

"Oh, boy! A Quarter!" 

So, here's to Don (whoever and wherever you are), hoping your math came out right, and you didn't forget to, like "carry the four", or sumpthin'!  

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: The Beagle Boys vs. ...Bob Hope?

A lot of people (...if by "a lot of people", I mean nobody - ever, past present, and very likely future) have been wondering (...if by "wondering", it would never cross their minds if they lived forever-and-a-day) what an encounter between Bob Hope and The Beagle Boys would be like!

(...If by "encounter", we mean three B-Boys jump one comedian, of course!) 

I mean, we've had The Beagle Boys vs. Uncle Scrooge...

...Even achieving a title of its own!

The Beagle Boys vs. Donald Duck!

...And, on occasion, even The Beagle Boys vs. Mickey Mouse (...via the Phantom Blot)!

...Or Gyro Gearloose!

But... BOB HOPE?

Wait no longer, because the moment is at hand (why am I thinking about the name of this Blog, all of a sudden?)... or WAS at hand way back in THE ADVENTURES OF BOB HOPE # 40 (DC Comics, Cover Date: August-September, 1956)!

Ready... Wait for it... Okay, HERE GOES!

...So, what did you expect, a REAL multi-company crossover?  

If the Beagle Boys existed in Bob Hope's tiny corner of the DC Comics Universe, they would have to be "human-like" and this is probably how such an unlikely occurrence would appear! 

In fact, since they have no prison numbers on their shirts, I'm betting they'd even have names... like "Bo, Barry, and Burly Beagle"!

But their "accosting actions" would remain the same, regardless of "Universe"!

Awww, no... something that off-the-(prison)-wall, could never happen... could it? 

Why that would be as preposterous as Bob Hope meeting The Marvelous Mad Madam Mim!   

...In her alias as "Madam Olga", of course!  

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Vincent Price and Superman's Super-Synergy!

Here is an ad from the back cover of SUPERMAN # 294 (DC Comics, Cover Date: December, 1975) featuring the great VINCENT PRICE as spokes-ghoul for a curious plaything that allows you to make SHRUNKEN HEADS out of apples! 

Talk about a diabolical twist on Mr. Potato Head! 
This spud thinks it's a dud, Bud! 

But, we also have a nice, but clearly unintended, bit of synergy between the issue's front and back covers! 

Because, on the FRONT COVER, we have THIS...

...And on the BACK COVER, we have VINCENT PRICE...

...Who starred in THIS!

You couldn't have PLANNED it better than that!  

Friday, July 3, 2020

Adventures in Comic-Boxing - AND Baby-Sitting: Hopefully Life Doesn't Imitate Art!

Here is the cover of THE FLINTSTONES # 17 (Charlton Comics, Cover Date: September, 1972)...

And here is darling little granddaughter Averi (No Cover Date) but pictured on July 4th Weekend 2019... 

In this case, Esther and I made sure that "life didn't imitate art", and that Avi didn't share a similar experience with poor Pebbles! 

I'm on "the other side of the camera" and the shopping cart for this one - and when I saw the FLINTSTONES cover, while deep into "The Great Comics Organization and Storage Retirement Project" that has contributed some many observations to these posts, I just had to put the two together!

Awww... Now ain't that cute!  

JULY 4th 2020 UPDATE:  The world has changed A LOT in the past year and so has Averi...

Here she is in ANOTHER SHOPPING CART, safely and properly dressed for the rigors of life in 2020!  

Awww... Now ain't that also cute - AND SAFE!