Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year 2023!

 ...Or, might that be 1974 plus 49?

My New Year's resolution for 2023 will be to post more often, and to improve my shamefully atrophied personal communications with all of you! 

And, to love these cuties more and more each day!  

Feel free to share your resolutions here, or just come back for (hopefully, I resolve) more regular postings!  

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 23, 2022

Meece on Earth, Good Will to Pen!

As you know, Doc has a tendency to mix-up his words, as we covered in THIS POST! 

Nevertheless, here he is with an illustrated Holiday Greeting for all of this humble Blog's supporters... and, aw, heck... ALL of you everywhere!  Even if you don't read this Blog, and will never know about it! 



...ON EARTH... 


...TO PEN!  

Hmmm... Not quite right, but definitely Doc!  Let's give him a DAY for CRYING... Er, an A for TRYING! 

MERRY EVERYTHING, AND HAPPY ANYTHING YOU WISH FOR!  ...And I'll try to do more and better in 2023!  

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Knowing One's Limitations!

Ya gotta appreciate this caption from THE FLASH #168 (DC Comics, Cover Date: March, 1967), acknowledging the inherent shortcomings of the printing methods of the time! 

Given that, back in 1967, most comic books (save Gold Key and Charlton, who owned their own presses), were printed at World Color Press in Sparta, IL - and were more than adequately done for the times, before we were collectively spoiled by modern printing and coloring techniques - Flash writer John Broome or editor Julius Schwartz accept the limitations of the coloring process, and engage in a little "truth in advertising" with the following caption narrations...

"At the sensational COLORAMA show, Dr. Maybrook, the show's creator, is seated at his special COLOR ORGAN, expertly

"...projecting on a wide screen an extraordinary play of vivid hues (here, alas, within this magazine-medium, shown only approximately -- with only a bare hint of its startling real-life effect)!..."

And, for what my view is worth, it actually enhances (in your "mind's-eye") what the images might look like within the context of the story!  

A nice touch that didn't need to happen - but did!