Monday, February 19, 2024

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Supergirl Takes the Bus!

But, alas, she doesn't take it... seriously!  

From SUPERGIRL (1972 Series) #5 (DC Comics, Cover Date; June, 1973)...

Aw, c'mon... It's not the worst thing you've ever done!  ...Spoiled by too many years of FLYING, perhaps? 

Busses are good for the environment, reducing both your carbon footprint and the number of cars jamming up the roads!  

(My own local bus line... NICE Bus N49!)

And even your cousin Superman catches a bus now and then!  

...And, back when he was SUPERBOY, he even caught the SUBWAY! 

Coincidently, the Number 4 New York Subway Line DOES transition from underground to elevated... just not like this!   

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Today is "New Gold Key Day" -- #2!

 Today, February 14, 2024, is not only Valentine's Day...

(...and what better way to introduce the main subject of this post than with a Classic Gold Key Valentine's Day cover...) 

It is also... NEW GOLD KEY DAY #2!

New logo is compared here with the classic (Western Publishing) Gold Key Logo. 

For this iconic (yet excitingly new) brand's second foray into the 21st century, Gold Key Entertainment presents BORIS KARLOFF GOLD KEY MYSTERIES #2!

A successor to "Gold Key Classic'sBORIS KARLOFF TALES OF MYSTERY...


You can see my GCD Index/Review of the first issue HERE!

I just picked up my copy of #2 today and, as with the first issue, the mere mention of the Gold Key name, and sight of its iconic logo, just "lights-up" this original Gold Key Kid!  

Again, I wish our 
"New Gold Key Kids" much success in the months and years to come - and hope they continue to follow in the indelible footprints of their predecessors, and revive a few "funny" titles as well! ...Something which DOES appear to be on the horizon! 

And, to bring this post full circle back to Valentine's Day, check out the back cover of BORIS KARLOFF GOLD KEY MYSTERIES #2!

Gold Key Entertainment - and Boris Karloff, wherever he might be - have a special Valentine's Day message for us!  Gotta love it!

"Key" ya real soon! 

 UPDATE: February 15, 2024: 
In our Comments Section, you will read about Gold Key Entertainment's second title, FIGGY FURTHERMORE THE SPIRIT GUIDE DOG, coming in 2024 - and the Kickstarter campaign to help Gold Key "get Figgy flowing"! 
Toward our humble Blog's (...all together now) humble efforts to form all of you into fervent Figgy-followers, we present this Gold Key house ad from the inside-back-cover of BORIS KARLOFF GOLD KEY MYSTERIES #2...

Let's show 'em that "We Dig Figgy"! 

Finally, is it just me, or does that white FIGGY FURTHERMORE cover that "Uncle Boris" is holding conjure up images of THIS mid-1960s Gold Key cover?  

If so, they are really doing their job well!  

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Separated at Mirth: Throwing the Bull (...Toward One Another)!

From our great friend Debbie Anne Perry comes a primo Mirth Separation with DISNEY COMICS ALBUM #3 (Disney Comics, Cover Date: August, 1990) and CHARLIE McCARTHY #4 (Dell Comics, Cover Date: December, 1949 / January, 1950). 

As Deb pointed out to me, both Donald and Charlie were in Walt Disney's "Fun and Fancy Free" (1947)... and, to bring them still closer together, both are known to have been "dummies"! 

...Especially Donald! 

And, if you put both covers together this way, the bulls would be running smack into each other... POW!

"So, who's the dummy NOW, huh?"  

Deb is thanked for adding another brick to the vast, SIMILARLY-GAGGED wall that is... "SEPARATED AT MIRTH"!