Monday, December 27, 2021

Watchin' the Detective (Comics) with Mark Evanier!


My one-time mentor for all things "comics-writing" (whether he knew it at the time, or not), Mark Evanier, has posted at his Blog, a truly excellent SEVEN-PART (!) ESSAY on the day a "New Look" came to Batman in DETECTIVE COMICS!

Mark does so (as he always does) with the proper perspective of "someone who was there at the time" - and that's a perspective that you don't always get from the myriad of folks that fancy themselves as comic-book experts or historians.  

As someone who also endeavors to present that same "perspective" in his many musings on the subject of comics, I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE this when I see it!

You will too, once you TAKE THIS LINK and begin reading Mark's account of a true "game-changing event" (...Yes, that phrase is waaay overused but, in this case, it's quite accurate!) in the history of comic books!

Mark doesn't publish comments at his Blog (he'd probably be swamped with them if he did), so feel free to leave your impressions here... perhaps he'll see them.



Ryan said...

Wow, Bob Kane was a schmuck... that is all (for now :)

Joe Torcivia said...


Yes, he was! I once saw him at a panel at San Diego and he mostly just seemed to be in love with “being a celebrity”.

And, to that, I’ll add that he was a very ordinary cartoonist who may have had a “once-in-a-lifetime lucky shot” with Batman, considering that his other creations were Cool McCool and Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse!

However, I CAN understand him being proprietary / possessive with his most valuable creation and wanting to be the one to guide its destiny, something that Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster then-lacked with Superman. But, by all accounts, it seemed to me that his primary concern was money and his celebrity status.

Then again, considering the "extreme-extremes" that the character of Batman has been stretched into in more modern times, maybe a little of that "Bob Kane stuff" would do the property some good.