Saturday, December 4, 2021

Questions You Never Asked: Why Did Huckleberry Hound Start Wearing a Mask?

A question for our crazy times...  Why did Huckleberry Hound start wearing a mask? 

No, it wasn't because of a skunk! 

...Give up?  

He was concerned about catching the "O-M'DARLIN" variant of COVID!

Now, you know why you NEVER asked that question! 

You just never can tell what a feller's got to protect himself from these days! 


Ryan said...

I need to know: is someone actually selling a huckleberry hound mask? I’m frustrated that we STILL need to wear masks (partially) due to the WAKholes that NEVER wore masks.... That said a huckleberry hound mask would at least inject a booster of FUN into this never ending pandemic.

In all seriousness, as we wait for information on the Onmicron variant there is one thing we know for sure: the O-M'DARLIN variant is no joke! While this Tune may seems looney it can actually cause more damage to your ears than William Shatner’s folks records!

I’m sorry that was too far. Nothing’s worse than Kirk’s musical star logs... except maybe Nickleback.

Joe Torcivia said...


Yes, someone IS actually selling Huckleberry Hound masks! It’s not for me, as an entertaining comics-Blogger, to endorse any non-comics (or non-DVD) product – but I’ll agree that it looks like a fun thing!

Truth is that, when preparing this post, I Googled “Huckleberry Hound wearing a mask” to get an image to use. That particular image was what I found, and it was an item offered for sale. So, if you do the same, it should lead you to whomever is selling them.

I still wear a mask wherever I go, despite being double-vaccinated (AND with a booster), and yeah… a donning a Huckleberry Hound mask would make this sad and needless situation a just a bit more tolerable!

And while I DO love and respect William Shatner for all his achievements – up to and including being rocketed into space at age 90 – his singing might actually rank BELOW Huckleberry Hound’s!

…At least we KNOW Huck’s singling was a joke! Can’t really say the same for Shatner!

Mykal Banta said...

I've got to get one of those Huck masks! Good to see you still have this blog going, Joe.

Joe Torcivia said...


So great to see you here! Yes, this humble Blog has had its periods of fits and starts (during my oft-cited “Horrifically Busy” periods), but I’ve kept plugging to “keep it (reasonably) fresh” since 2008! I plan to keep it going as long as “body, soul, and Horrifically Busy periods" allow!

Your comment here prompted me to delightfully find that your Blog has resumed… after I thought we’d seen the last of it after my commenting on your 2017 Super Goof post!

So, I’ll have to return the favor by return-commenting soon!

And, yes, I love the Huck mask too!

Everyone, go visit Mykal’s Blog… maybe we can persuade him to keep up his good work indefinitely!

Mykal Banta said...

Will do, Joe! And thanks for your recent visit. Always a pleasure.