Monday, February 19, 2024

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Supergirl Takes the Bus!

But, alas, she doesn't take it... seriously!  

From SUPERGIRL (1972 Series) #5 (DC Comics, Cover Date; June, 1973)...

Aw, c'mon... It's not the worst thing you've ever done!  ...Spoiled by too many years of FLYING, perhaps? 

Busses are good for the environment, reducing both your carbon footprint and the number of cars jamming up the roads!  

(My own local bus line... NICE Bus N49!)

And even your cousin Superman catches a bus now and then!  

...And, back when he was SUPERBOY, he even caught the SUBWAY! 

Coincidently, the Number 4 New York Subway Line DOES transition from underground to elevated... just not like this!   

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