Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: The Enchanted Mountain Becomes a "Slippery Slope" for Doc!

 ...Or, "What a Difference One Letter Makes"!  

For instance, take the 1947 Cheerios Giveaway Mini Comic "The Seven Dwarfs and the Enchanted Mountain"...

In it, Snow White's Prince Charming is missing, after a hunting trip on Emerald Mountain.  The Dwarfs seek information from a wise old owl, who gives them a "wise old warning" in return. 

Doc rallies the troops...

...And, after reading this panel, I can only breathe a sigh of relief, considering what might have been...

...If Doc had employed the letter "B", rather than the letter "D"!  (WHEW!) 

Indeed, "BELLS" would have made even more humorous sense than "dwells"... but not nearly enough to counter "the other word" that would have resulted from that "nearly-fatal faux-pas"!

If I were writing this, I would have Doc simply botch a different pair of words in this quote - and sidestep the whole thing entirely... " me? -- er -- I mean ARE WE?" 

 ...And Sleepy would have said "(Yawn!) NO!", giving the gag "that little extra push" that I like to do! 

Nevertheless, Doc came "chew like a tramp" -- er -- "through like a champ" when it counted most!   

I say we all celebrate his close call with a great big, ice-cold "Bitcher of Lemonade"!  ...WHOOPS! 

YES, that's an actual restaurant sign I photographed in 2017!  

And, NO... Dopey didn't letter it!  


Sérgio Gonçalves said...

Reminds me of the Looney Tunes cartoon "Bewitched Bunny," in which Witch Hazel turns into a female rabbit and Bugs Bunny instantly falls in love with her, telling the audience, "Oh sure, I know. But aren't they all witches inside?" I always felt like Bugs was hinting at the b-word without saying it. If there's anything to my interpretation -- and I'll be the first to admit I could be way off the mark here -- maybe the same thing was intended in this case.

Joe Torcivia said...

Well, Sergio, I don’t think there was any question as to what Michael Maltese and Chuck Jones were implying in that Bugs Bunny cartoon. …So, there’s PLENTY to your interpretation.

On the other hand, I seriously doubt that anything was intended or implied in the quote from Doc, beyond keeping with his established characterization of “mixing or confusing words”.

Reading this story for the first time in the more jaded period of 2020-2021, my (sometimes “unconventional”) mind immediately leapt to this unlikely-to-near-impossible conclusion… telling you much more about me, than about Doc and whoever was writing for him in 1947!

So, YES on Bugs, and NO on Doc! (…And how often does one get to write “Bugs” and “Doc” in the same sentence, passage, post, story, or article and refer to TWO DIFFERENT CHARACTERS?)

…Now, let’s celebrate with some lemonade!