Friday, December 28, 2018

From All of Us (Secret Society Members), To All of You - at this Special Time of Year!

There's a LOT that we have to thank Andrea ("Casty") Castellan, "Today's Master of the Mouse", for...

...And that's merely a SAMPLING from my archived scanned images!  

But, one thing in particular, would be those pesky "Secret Societies" that keep cropping up in his stories - like "The Horde of the Violet Hare"!  

Aided and abetted, at this very Blog, by our great friend Debbie Anne Perry and her pets "Fluffy and Mervin", Secret Societies have become as thick as flies!  

...Or would that be "The Fraternity of Fearsome Flies"?  

To make an already long and rambling illustrated introduction just a tad shorter these Secret Societies tend to focus their efforts on Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Eurasia Toft...

...But what if these clandestine clubs were to turn their attentions toward Scrooge McDuck, assaulting him as random strangers so often do?  

Our very talented friend "Achille Talon" answers that nagging question in a story of his own making, titled "Hare-Brained Hooligans"!  Click HERE, and enjoy!  

And, while you're enjoying, just try to count all of the wonderful and familiar (especially to readers of THIS BLOG) things he packs into the story - starting with the Classic Carl Barks / Dell UNCLE SCROOGE logo - and my favorite sixties Gold Key style lettering for the title!  

To avoid spoilers, we'll discuss the rest in the comments section!  ...In fact, I'll even go first!  See you there! 

This guy's "got a future" in this (or some other related) business, folks!  ...Poor soul!   

...Get out!  Get out NOW!  While you still can!  Those Forum Folks can be dangerous when riled!  

That's more like it!

UPDATE: This just in... We may have cracked the case  on at least ONE of those Secret Societies!  Our intrepid reporter Debbie Anne Perry has the details below...

Deb's transmission is a little garbled, but we can see that the great detective Mickey Mouse has discovered that A CAT AND A MOUSE, armed only with a CELL PHONE, appear to have been behind an elaborate hoax involving "Chartreuse Tortoises" ...or would that be "Chartreuse Tortoii"?   Mickey declined to comment, as he is presently working without his preferred group of translators!  He HAS, however, passed us a handwritten NOTE that says nothing more than: "Fer gosh sakes!" and "Great Squeak!"  That is ALL! (folks) 


Joe Torcivia said...


Something tells me that Scrooge will need to install a few more of those trap doors!

Achille could not have pushed more of my “hot buttons” if I gave him a map!

Bugs Bunny, The Flying Sub from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Emil Eagle, (a presumed Crawford Crow mash-up with FOX-News – “Fox and Crow”, get it?), the Scrooge Wiki, Scarpa, Casty, my Blog - and me! Superb!

And, he did one thing I love to do in my stories... "The-Casual-Offhanded-Reference-To-Something-Big" in the form of "In other news, Mickey Mouse outwitted The Phantom Blot!"

And wasn’t it nice to read a Scrooge that SOUNDS LIKE Scrooge! I’ve really come to miss that!

...So, whadda you all think?

Debbie Anne said...

Don’t encourage Fluffy and Mervin (really, mostly Mervin) and their Secret Society nonsense. I keep getting notifications from the Mouseton Police Department about Detective Casey catching the two of them hanging around peering into Mickey Mouse’s windows looking for lost Atlantian artifacts, and all Mervin says about it is, “Aw, that guy couldn’t catch a cold!”

Joe Torcivia said...

Mervin is probably right about Casey!

Achille Talon said...

Great comic, Deb!

Debbie Anne said...

Thanks, Achille. It is just a rough sketch I drew this morning after reading this blog post. Or is it some sort of pictorial journalism as Joe suggests? Mickey seemed to sound alright according to Fluffy and Mervin, although Mickey seemed a bit weirded out by Mervin. He usually doesn't run into too many mice like Mervin, who don't wear little red shorts, gloves or big yellow shoes.

Joe Torcivia said...

Ya think THAT'S bad... Just imagine if PETE met Fluffy!

Debbie Anne said...

Fluffy would still be hiding under the bed after meeting Peg-Leg Pete.

Society of the Rhyming Dove said...

Congratulations, Achille, on your story here/
The artwork was good and the plot was clear/
But the part we liked most was the appearance of/
The Society of the Rhyming Dove!

Joe Torcivia said...

The backs of my gloves, to you Rhyming Doves:

I must disagree, and do beg to differ/
Your “part” ‘twas measly, and should be brushed by a Swiffer!

There were better appearances, even one by me/
Cast though I am, as “full of Baloni”! (long E sound)

But the best part therein, no doubt on this, Bub/
Is Launchpad and Scrooge, ‘board the great Flying Sub!

The Horde of Mad Elephants said...


Spectrus said...

Hey, what was that?!

Joe Torcivia said...

What was what? The Flying Sub? Only my all-time favorite vehicle, fact-or-fiction, from the great 1960s TV series VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA!

The rhyming? We do that around here sometimes, because we like it!

Joe Torcivia said...

Oh, and I hope those “Mad Elephants” don’t see Mickey or Mervin hanging around here… it they’ll be “SCARED Elephants”!