Saturday, November 10, 2018

A Fluffy and Mervin Thankschristmas!

Or, might that be "A Fluffy and Mervin Chrisgiving"?  

...Or, more to the point, Christmas may indeed "come but once a year", but can't we have our turkey first!  

Our great friend Debbie Perry, and her equally great characters Fluffy and Mervin, say what's been on my mind since SUNDAY NOVEMBER 04, 2018...

[Click to further enlarge!] 

...When, during "Rick Grimes' final episode of THE WALKING DEAD"...

...I had my first "Christmas Car Gift Commercial" sighting!  On NOVEMBER-FREAKING-FOURTH! 

[Generic Image - Not representative of what I actually saw on November-Freaking-Fourth!]

Now, honestly... Who gives anybody a CAR for Christmas?  

Or THANKSGIVING, for that matter!  

Some of us are just happy to escape with our lives!  


TC said...

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fill the streets with Santas jolly
Kindle bright the Yule log ember
But, *@#× it, not in mid November!

Joe Torcivia said...


This is SOOOO PERFECT that I won't even attempt to reply to it with a badly-constructed poem of my own!

johnny smith said...

rather deviously, these ads aren't meant to sell cars. the idea is to remind luxury car buyers,seemingly the most thikle and insecure people on gods green earth, that what they have is special. and what better way to do so than to portray it as something witch brings people to tears of joy upon gifting.

johnny smith said...

interestingly,i read somewhere tat the purpose of these ads isn't to bring in new customers but to reassure currant ones that what they have is special,and also to build up Lexus as an asparaitinal brand.

Joe Torcivia said...


In today's United States of America, I'm certain you are correct!

But, couldn't they wait until closer to Thanksgiving - instead of BEFORE ELECTION DAY?!

I can only stand just so many "Snow-Covered-Car-With-Red-Bow-Sightings"!