Thursday, August 14, 2008


Welcome to The Issue At Hand Blog!

Here, you'll find various things I've written -- or that might occur to me on the spur of the moment -- on my interests: Comic Books, Classic Television (mostly 1960s), Animation, DVDs, and my occasional freelance script writing for Gemstone's Disney comics. Maybe we'll occasionally veer off into other things like sports, current events and such, but not very often. And I promise to keep the "Boring Personal Stuff" (That's BPS for short!) to a minimum.

I'd like this to be a non-controversial place to visit. None of the derision and mean-spiritedness that is found in so much of the blog-o-sphere! Just read comic book and animation message boards for examples of what I'm talking about. Disagreement, corrections, and alternate viewpoints are always welcome... but, please, express it in a respectful manner, and I'll do my very best to do the same.

The title "The Issue At Hand" (or TIAH) is from an APA and fanzine column that I've done since 1994. It is presently up to 87 installments (as of the August, 2008 launching of this blog) printed on good old PAPER. Add a fair number of "Non-Numbered Specials" and they total over 100! Mostly all on the subjects above that are near and dear to my heart.

Now, TIAH takes another step into a new world and I hope all my friends -- both old and new -- will join us!

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Thad said...

Hooray for Joe! Looking forward to some laughs coming my way.