Saturday, August 16, 2008

Royal Pain – Barely Averted!

Esther and I just returned from Yankee Stadium, where we saw the Yankees defeat the Kansas City Royals 3-2… in thirteen innings!!!

Rookie center fielder Brett Gardner’s two-out single won it for the Yanks. I have two questions.

(1): Why must it take thirteen innings for the New York Yankees to beat the Kansas City Royals? This is especially question-worthy after having lost to those same no-name Royals in the ninth inning last night (…off the great Mariano Rivera, no less!)

(2): With a team consisting of Derek Jeter, Alex (A-Rod) Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, Bobby Abreu, Robinson Cano, Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez, and Xavier Nady, why does it take a kid named Brett Gardner (who had three hits and a walk today) to drive in “run number three” to finally beat those darned Royals?

What with all the hoopla over future Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre coming to the Jets, and Brett Gardner showing all those high paid veterans how to hit the ball, I was happy to remark to Esther that “New York is no longer a One-Brett Town!”

One final “Brett Irony”… It took so long for Brett Gardner to deliver a Yankee victory that, by the time we got home from The Bronx, we MISSED Brett Favre’s debut with the Jets. He had already successfully played his downs and was removed from the pre-season game!

…So, ya win one Brett, ya lose one Brett!

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