Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Happy 4th Birthday to Averi... Oh, Yes... and Happy Thanksgiving 2021, Too!

 Today is Averi's 4th birthday!  

Happy birthday to "My Little Everything"!

Just so you know, Esther is "My Everything", Averi is "My Little Everything", and Cici is "My Littlest Everything"!  ...That's a lotta "Everythings"!

Shortly after she was born, I commemorated Avi's birthday in UNCLE SCROOGE (IDW) #40, the last Uncle Scrooge I did for IDW, as a car's license plate!

 I hope she'll find that amusing someday!  

One thing that *I* found VERY amusing was when she was spending last weekend with us... 

I had promised to take Averi to the park playground as we do every visit, weather permitting, but only after we had lunch, and I was finished with my coffee.  

Naturally, she kept wanting me to hurry up all through the meal!  The reminders came fast and furious, but in the cutest sort of way.  

Finally, it was time to go. She was warmly dressed, but I was not - and, having gotten a taste of the cooler air, turned back from the end of the front walk to grab a more suitable jacket.  But, Avi would brook no further delay...

"Yeh-Yeh, I thought we were going!"

"We are, Avi... I just had to get a different jacket!"

"Come on, Yeh-Yeh, let's go!" 

"We're going now... Tell me something, when you're older and you get married, are you going to do this to your husband?" 


"Why not?"

"Because it's rude!"

"Really?  If it's so rude, why would you do it to me?" 

"Because I know you love me!"  

She's got me there!  There are no words... Just NO WORDS to reply to THAT!  Only laughter!  

Oh, yeah... There's that Thanksgiving 2021 thing too!  Care to guess what I'M MOST THANKFUL FOR?

Be thankful for ALL the nice people and things in your lives!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2021! 


Elaine said...

Happy birthday, Averi! And Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

Nice to know about the Easter egg on the license plate in U$ 40! (birthday egg?)

Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you, Elaine.

And, somewhere out there, but still close to my heart, Averi thanks you too! Happy Thanksgiving!

About the “Easter (birthday) egg”, there are so many of them in my work that someone should interview me someday and catalog them all. Ya, know, just in case “Translators and Dialogue Specialists” ever get their own Disney Masters volumes! …That is, if anyone could do so without falling asleep!

I’ll have to create one for Cici, when the opportunity presents itself.

Sérgio Gonçalves said...

Happy birthday, Averi! Wow. That comment is pure comedy gold. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Joe!

Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you, Sergio. And the same to you and yours!

That little exchange is not a one-time demonstration of cute-brilliance, but that is what she REALLY IS – all the time! A wonderful little chatterbox full of charm and cleverness well beyond her (now four) years!

I can only imagine what the future holds…

joecab said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Uh, she didn't really arrive from Amazon, did she?

Joe Torcivia said...

Perhaps she did, JoeC! …Perhaps she did.

Amazon is the new “stork”!

But, of course, she didn’t arrive from “just plan Amazon”, but from AMAZON PRIME!

Anyway, now you know the reason for the SMILES on Amazon boxes!

Happy Thanksgiving!

ramapith said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Esther and Averi and everyone!

I'm spending the morning of mine in a certain museum with a certain superhero... classified!

Ryan said...

Happy thanksgiving Joe! I’m sure your granddaughter will apreciate her license plate cameo some day. Heck, she may wind up following in your footsteps. She’s already got a wit! For now I hope she had a great birthday.

This year I’m thankful for my health, the health of my friends and family, the covid vaccine (of which I’m getting a booster tomorrow; instead of going shopping I plan to celebrate BlackOUT Friday by getting the jab and then taking a nap), the fact that ANTON YORK from Star Trek #9 is out of office (see Joe I told ya I keep up with your blog even when I can’t comment) and Fantagraphics for publishing so many great Disney Comics. Speaking of which, a few days ago the latest volume of the Carl Barks library was Fantagraphics best selling/trending book on amazon. Moral of the story: they need to have u write something in all their books if they wanna replicate these sales :p

Thad said...

Happy birthday, Averi!

Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you, Unca Thad!

Joe Torcivia said...


That “certain museum” wouldn’t belong to a “certain Mad Duke”, would it? …He asks, trying not to “de-classify” too much. If not, maybe it’s Steve Geppi’s!

Joe Torcivia said...


Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for the kind words!

A “wit”, Averi certainly has! She is SO much fun to talk and play with! She not only listens to the stories of “The Three Bears”, “The Three Little Pigs” and “Cinderella” – but she insists that Esther and I perform them with her – as a PLAY, with her as the director! She assigns the parts, gives us lines and stage directions, uses props – JUST AMAZING! Dwarfs my own imagination at that age, to be sure. So, figure on such a trajectory… anything is possible!

I wish we could forget about “ANTON YORK”… but he just won’t let us! Since I don’t have to be “classified” here, just take THIS LINK to bring you up to (warp) speed!

By the way, you’ve just earned a thousand TIAH Points for such Blog-studiousness! Don’t ask me what they’re good for… but they’re all yours!

“…the latest volume of the Carl Barks library was Fantagraphics best selling/trending book on amazon. Moral of the story: they need to have u write something in all their books if they wanna replicate these sales :p”

Hey, Fantagraphics guys… you reading this? :-)

The Trio of the Talking Turkeys said...

Gobble! We of the Trio of the Talking Turkeys can't believe we forgot to wish you a happy Thanksgiving! It was certainly a happy one for us - we narrowly escaped being served as the main course, which is more than some can say! Now - if we can just lay low until Christmas is over, we'll be set for the year!

Happy Birthday to Averi, too! Er - we don't suppose she's looking for a few nice, friendly, perfectly non-edible pets who could stay at her house and out of the grocery stores for the next month or so? We might be able to make an arrangement...

Joe Torcivia said...

To the Thanksgiving-Terrorized Triumvirate:

I’m relieved to find that you’ve survived yet another Thanksgiving, and lament the dispatching of your many stuffed-siblings that did not! May you similarly survive the coming Christmas… er, crush!

Perhaps it might be easier to lay low, if you were less distinctive as inseparable triplets.

What with your rhyming NAMES (Gobble, Hobble, and Wobble), your IDENTICAL OUTFITS consisting of caps and t-shirts (color-coded, to indicate which one of the trio you are), and that bit where ALL THREE of you were required to form a sentence (one begins, one carries the middle, and one ends), you stand out like THREE SORE THUMBS ON ONE HAND!

Maybe you should go to live with your “Unca Ronald”, or join the “Junior Good-Chucks”, or sumpthin’ until it all blows over!

Averi would be happy to give you shelter for the duration, but I think her parents might… um, see it a little differently…

Sérgio Gonçalves said...


As you may recall, around this time last year, I referred to a certain someone as "The Great Trumpkin." You liked the nickname so much that you suggested this person be henceforth referred to on this blog as "The Great Trumpkin."

If I may, I'd like to propose that he no longer be referred to as such. I like the nickname Ryan came up with -- Anton York -- much better!

Joe Torcivia said...

Consider it done, Sergio.

Speculative Spectrus said...

No, this isn't cute at all. I'm not crying, you're crying. :´)

Joe Torcivia said...

If I’m crying, Spec-Spec, it’s because Averi and Cici are not here with me now!

…Or, just as likely, because “Anton York” simply won’t go away!