Friday, October 29, 2021

Happy Halloween - 2021!

Averi and a special friend are here to wish you all a Happy Halloween 2021!

Not to be outdone, Avi's little sister, Cici, gets into the act with me in a "very convincing old man costume"!  

But, if you think my "old man costume" is convincing check me out as Averi's friend the scarecrow!

On my knees, with my legs painfully folded behind me and hidden from the camera... I'd say that's one of my best disguises yet!  


Sérgio Gonçalves said...

Happy Halloween, Joe! May the Great Pumpkin bring Averi and Cici (and while he's at it, Esther and yourself) many treats!

Marc Whinston said...

Happy Halloween

Joe Torcivia said...


He’s already brought us the greatest treats… Averi and Cici!

But we’ll happily accept your good wishes as more treats as well. Thank you!

Joe Torcivia said...


And thank you for still more treats!

scarecrow33 said...

Of course, it goes without saying that pairing Averi with a scarecrow will touch my heart!

As for the "old man costume," I don't think it's fooling anybody. We see the real you! And the real you is perpetually youthful!

Happy Hallowe'en! Stay safe!

Joe Torcivia said...


You write: “As for the "old man costume," I don't think it's fooling anybody. We see the real you! And the real you is perpetually youthful!”

Well, that’s certainly the way *I* see it! “See it”, even if I don’t always… ya, know, feel it!

But nothing makes me “feel it” as much as a day with Averi and Cici!

Glad your heart was touched… Esther’s and mine never fail to be whenever we see them!

Elaine said...

Happy Halloween! I gave out 39 full-size Donald Duck comics (the Fantagraphics ones from FCBD 2020, which have been burning a hole in my treats shelf for well over a year, since I couldn't give them out last year!), plus several Casper/Little Lulu ashcans (from an earlier year's Halloween Comicfest) to the littlest trick-or-treaters. So, 44 trick-or-treaters in all. Only two older boys in Squid Game costumes, thankfully, and no discernible Disney princesses. One set of American presidents, a boy as Lincoln and a girl as Washington, and Washington ran back from my door to her parents yelling, "WE GOT COMIC BOOKS!" Very gratifying. I hope Averi and Cici got some good treats, too! I'm sure you find some good Halloween comics to read to Averi!

Joe Torcivia said...


Every Halloween, I always admire your giving comics as treats instead of candy. There should be more like you… MANY MORE!

I, too, hope that Averi and Cici got some good treats, as Halloween was one of the very few days (Thursday thru Sunday) that they don’t spend with us! Parents’ insanely difficult work scheduling, you know.

Averi has a LOT of great comics ahead of her (as does Cici), but she’s not quite ready for them yet… She’s still into storybooks (a joy all its own) and, would you believe, videos of others playing with their toys!

Yes, you read that right… professionally produced videos of others (kids AND adults) playing with their toys – I guess so that you don’t have to play yourself! Why go through the effort of play, when you can (somehow, in a way beyond my ken) enjoy the playtime of others!

In 1962, this would have been a good Jetsons joke and now it’s tragically true! Thankfully, Averi has a VERY healthy appetite for play – lots of physical-effort “grandparent-wearing-out” type of play. Cici is just beginning to follow suit. …Long may they play!

Achille Talon said...

A slightly belated happy Halloween! Those are utterly precious photos indeed — and so's the notion of giving away comics on Halloween! Fortunately “treat” is a very broadly applicable word.

(There could be a good comic in that. Say, Donald, in one of his occasional overboard-going attempts to be a Responsible Parents to the nephews, proposes to ban them from accepting sweets for Halloween because he thinks it's bad for their diet; cue shenanigans culminating in a suggestion that, well, the specific foodstuff is secondary to the spirit of the holiday and it's not worth throwing out the whole thing just because you're against the candy.)

(Or, you could do a Witch Hazel or Madam Mim one-pager playing the idea as more of a joke, with the witch giving away what considers to be treats, not realising that perhaps the average kid has more of an appetite for caramels playfully moulded into the shape of skulls, than for actual skulls, eyes of newts, etc.)

Joe Torcivia said...


We all thank you for your kind words about the photos… okay, maybe not Cici – but she’s just beginning to walk! Talking (and thanking) will come later, and your name will be on that “Thank You List”!

I like both ideas, but especially the Hazel/Mim one. Reminiscent of a non-Halloween Mim story that is a FAVORITE OF MINE