Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: The Day Vic Lockman (or Carl Barks?) Wrote Blackhawk!

Anything's possible when I'm rooting through my comic boxes... even the unlikely notion of longtime Disney/ Dell/ Gold Key/ Whitman writer VIC LOCKMAN writing DC's Blackhawk!  

...Or so it might seem by the cover of BLACKHAWK # 207 (DC Comics, Cover Date: April, 1965)!

Yo-Ho-Ho! They'll soon be in the dough!  

Yes... EEEK! 

"The Sign of Vic Lockman": Three "EEK!s" in one story... from what I call "The Ultimate Vic Lockman Story" better known as "The Feast on Planet Fuddo" in BUGS BUNNY # 117 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: May, 1968)!  

Or, given THIS...

...Perhaps it was CARL BARKS who took a turn at our favorite WWII fighting men turned sixties-sci-fi adventurers!  

UNCLE SCROOGE # 58 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: July, 1965) - which means that this issue and BLACKHAWK # 207 were on sale at almost the same time!  ...Another of those COINCIDENCES that I'm so fond of pointing out! 

But, no... "when the musing stops" we must reveal that the Blackhawk story was written by BOB HANEY, perhaps my favorite individual DC Silver Age writer, who was known for his unusual and imaginative stories!

...And, if you stand out for "unusual and imaginative stories" at Silver Age DC, you're REALLY doing something!  

Come to think of it, Bob Haney would have given Vic Lockman and 1960s Carl Barks a run for their... er,  (stolen) MONEY! 

...Ain't comics grand! 

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