Monday, June 30, 2014

A Series of “IMPLOS-ible” Events!

It’s always cause for celebration when Dan Cunningham posts one of his extremely detailed and well-researched posts on Disney comics (lower-case “c”), or Disney Comics (upper-case “C”), accompanied by a comprehensive look at the times and events that shaped them! 

Today, Dan undertakes what we (thanks to longtime friend Dana Gabbard) have come to call “The Disney Implosion”. 

Is this the FIRST "Disney Implosion"?  From UNCLE SCROOGE # 82 (Cover date: August, 1969)

Dan's focus is not merely the infamous and abrupt 1991 gutting of the briefly great line of Disney Comics (upper-case “C”) that began a mere 18 months earlier – but, as noted above, also the conditions leading to said “gutting”.  Dan provides vital perspective to those who “weren’t there” and a needed memory jog to those who were.  

Never forget! 
He wisely chooses to offer this essential history lesson in two parts (one now and one to come), because there’s just too darned much to cover in a single post.  And, in doing so, he gives me the opportunity to (part-gleefully, part-ruefully) say: 

“The worst is yet to come!” 
NO!  Don't do it, Gyro!  Implosions are BAD!

Go now, to THIS LINK, and relive events even I cannot believe took place 23 years ago!   

I TOLD you, implosions are BAD!  Especially Disney-Type Implosions!

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