Wednesday, January 15, 2014

About (Same-Bat) Time!

Is this finally the long-awaited OFFICIAL 1966 Adam West BATMAN TV SERIES on DVD? 

Check it out HERE! 

Let’s hope!  That rhymes with “Bat-Rope”! 
Won't it be great to see these guys on official, non-bootleg  DVD at last!
Why, even the ANIMATED King Tut is excited! 


scarecrow33 said...

Great news!

But that "sometime in 2014" makes me uneasy. Could that mean one minute to midnight on December 31?

News like this is always exciting, but they do like to make us wait...and wait!

Joe Torcivia said...

If they do it right, Scarecrow, they can do it “one minute to midnight on December 31 [2014]”, and I’ll STILL be happy! We’ve waited this long, we can wait a bit longer…

…IF it means they’ll do it right!

And, we all know that Warners can “do it right”, and “do it wrong” with a frighteningly equal dexterity!

What would make ME “uneasy” is that (as of my writing this comment) all we’re going on is the word of Conan O’Brien! Let’s hope the former SIMPSONS writer is onto something. .

joecab said...


I wonder who they'll round up for the commentary? Adam West will be a lock, but it'll be nice to get Burt Ward in there. And dare we hope for Julie Newmar? And perhaps (gasp) Yvonne Craig?

Joe Torcivia said...

Commentaries would be part of the “doing it right”, mentioned above. So would including some of the many promos made for the show, interviews done at the time, etc. However, at this time, I can’t, with complete confidence, count on Warner to “do it right”!

Yes, they certainly COULD include commentaries and other features that would make the set the Once-in-a-Lifetime Event that it SHOULD be, but I fear they are just as capable of not taking advantage of the extraordinary opportunity of many of the show’s biggest stars still being alive and well.

We’ll have to see what unfolds, beyond Conan’s tweet.

At least it initially looks to be a “Complete Series” mega-set, as opposed to the “Season One, Volume One / Season One, Volume Two” model of so many other series. They must feel that we’ve waited SO LONG for this that they can (…and OUGHT TO) package it as a “Complete Series”.

I’m sure that’s what most of us want! And, they can always repackage it into smaller, lower cost volumes as they do with so many of their other properties.

But a possible mega-set like this (again) SHOULD be done as “right” as possible.

Anonymous said...

As much as I have been waiting for this set, if it doesn't contain sufficient extras I will be very disapointed. In addition to promos, teasers, out takes, screen tests and other specials (such as the bad line up and most important the Batgirl pilot) I would like to see Warner go a step further and also include Hanna-Barbara's two live action "Legend of the Superheroes" specials which featured West, Ward, and Gorshin all reprising their roles. Even the original Batmobile was brought out of retirement. Sure they suffered from INCREDIBLY low budgets, but I always enjoyed the fact that I got two extra episodes of my favorite series.

Joe Torcivia said...

I certainly agree with your want-list, but tend to doubt we’ll get all of that! Not with what WHV has become. They were once “The Best”, but not for quite a while. That probably ended about the time the Looney Tunes Golden Collections and chronological Popeye sets stopped.

Though, for such a special occasion, I’d expect we’d get SOME of it, at least.

I’d actually seen the two “Legends of the Superheroes” specials when they originally aired, but not since. I believe Warner Archives already offers them, so why not port them over for this release!