Tuesday, November 20, 2012

“Island in the Sky”… Room for One More?

In THIS POST, reproducing my 1991 Letter of Comment in response to Disney Comics' MICKEY MOUSE ADVENTURES # 10, I listed EIGHT then-known-to-me different versions of the Floyd Gottfredson classic adventure epic alternately known as "Mickey Mouse and His Sky Adventure", "Mickey Mouse on Sky Island", and, perhaps now more permanently, "Island in the Sky".

I followed that with THREE subsequent versions of the story that have appeared since 1991, for a total of ELEVEN.  The most recent of which appears in this spectacular volume from Fantagraphics!  

H'yuk!  Buy it today!

But, it seems I missed one...

In 1941, a Big Little Book version of this story was published, under the title of "Mickey Mouse on Sky Island"! 
Big Little Books were a product that straddled Western Publishing's Golden Story Books and their Dell Comic Books. 
Over a two page spread, one page was novelized text and the other was a full page illustration, sans dialogue balloons. 
It was an unusual, but popular, product that lasted into the seventies -- possibly into the eighties. 
We're now Number FOUR!
Being released in 1941, would place it as the THIRD version of the story, placing it after # 2 -- its appearance in WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES # 1-2, and before DELL FOUR COLOR # 214 (1948).   ...Moving all other versions down one place. 

So, does that make us Number TEN?!

So, now we have TWELVE different versions of this, perhaps the greatest Mickey Mouse comic story of all time! 


Dan said...

So now TWELVE versions? Wow, Joe: yer a regular Indiana Jones when it comes to "Island in The Sky/Sky Island/Sky Adventure" - and all without the aid of Sallah or Short Round... or a Junior Woodchucks Guidebook.

I grabbed some inspiration on the concept of variants from your "Island in the Sky" series of posts, while gathering research for a Disney Comics (1990-1993) article. That's in progress, but here (including links & props to TIAH) is something equally daunting, a primer asking the vital question: "Got Donald Duck Adventures #5? WHICH ONE?"


Let me know what you think, or if I got anything miscomboobulated.
- Dan

Joe Torcivia said...


Your post on DONALD DUCK ADVENTURES is MAGNIFICENT! Detailed beyond even MY expectations!

Everyone go to Dan’s Blog and read it! No exceptions! …There’ll be a test afterward!

I’ll make it easier for my readers, by putting up a “linking post” sometime between today and Thanksgiving!

Consider Dan’s post one more thing to be thankful for!

Let’s all put tons of pressure on him to do that “Full Disney Comics Era” post! Sorry, Dan… But, you’re on the hook now! …That’s what you get for being so good!

Dan said...

Thanks, Joe: my cup runneth over with praise, so glad to receive approval from someone of your calibre! I appreciate your linking from your site as well, sir.

I'm sure you're busy digging away, soon to uncover the 13th iteration of "Island in the Sky" (I'm guessing "Cheerios" giveaway)... so, I guess the heat's on for me to move forward with the Disney Comics era post, which I'll tackle amongst work, Turkey-centric Holiday events, and designing my 2012 Christmas card... but I intend it to be through as I can get it, so I'll surely let you know when it's ready.

Meantime, hope everyone has a safe & Happy Thanksgiving weekend! - Dan

Joe Torcivia said...

Actually, Dan, I’m still searching for that long lost ‘70s Hostess Twinkies Ad, where Mickey and Goofy throw the golden cakes at Pete – and he happily takes them and leaves without Dr. Einmug’s formula!

By my reckoning, that would have occurred sometime around the “Dynabrite” reprinting – and might have appeared in some rare Whitman variant issue of some kind where the print run was mostly destroyed, and the remaining few were locked away in a Western Publishing warehouse! (…Or, maybe not! That’s the beauty of speculation!)

I’ll find it one day, by golly, and I’ll post it here when I do! …Keep checking back, folks! I can use the hits!

I’ll have a linking-post to your piece up next! Thanks for the kind words, and “Happy Thanksgiving” right back!