Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On With the (Extra) Show, This Is It!

When I posted THIS ITEM on the upcoming Looney Tunes Superstars Porky Pig DVD set, even *I* failed to notice a significant little something. 

Look closely at the box below…

Now look at the Road Runner set…

Finally, look at the Foghorn Leghorn set…

The Porky set has 18 CARTOONS (!), while the other sets had only 15! 

When reviewing Looney Tunes Superstars DVDs, I often find myself duplicating the same PROS and CONS as, beyond individual contents, they change little from set to set. 
The excerpt below could be from ANY of my prior reviews, but is from the Foghorn review. 


The Number of Shorts vs. the Price: Fifteen cartoons may seem like a lot, until you consider that (at the rate of three shorts per a theoretical half-hour show), you are only getting the equivalent of FIVE SHOWS! That’s not very much for an MSRP of 19.98.

[ End of Reproduced Material ] 

The additional three cartoons give the Porky Pig set the equivalent of ONE EXTRA SHOW – making SIX instead of five! 

Oddly, the Looney Tunes Superstars Pepe Le Pew set (which I never got around to reviewing) has 17 cartoons but, per THIS REVIEW, that may have been in an effort to present Pepe’s ENTIRE RUN in one collection… I idea I rather liked.   Not that it could be applied to as long-running a character as Porky Pig!

But, with 18 shorts in the Porky set, can we hope that the days of 15 cartoon sets – that translate to a mere FIVE shows – are over?   We shall see…

Finally, on a related note, care to guess which post has received the most hits in this Blog’s four-year history? 

It’s the Looney Tunes Superstars Foghorn Leghorn DVDReview!  (Aw, go on… Click on the link to give it still more hits!) 

…And by quite a wide margin!  Who’d have ever guessed Ol’ Foggy was that popular!  


joecab said...

Yeah but how much bang for the buck are we getting as far as their various oeuvres go?

(Seriously, I know they're limited by how many theatrical shorts each character starred in but percentage-wise how many of each are we getting? I'm too lazy to go look.)

Joe Torcivia said...

Well, with 18 shorts instead of the usual 15, the “Bang/Buck” ratio is raised somewhat.

And, that’s a good thing, considering we’re getting a fair amount of previously unseen stuff. I also don’t have the time to go back and count exactly how many “news” vs. repeats, but it’s enough to make it worthwhile for me. Especially when some of those “news” are seldom seen '60s shorts!

And, with long-running characters like Porky – or Bugs and Daffy – no one collection can offer a high percentage of that character’s appearances. Though they did do a nice job on this with Pepe – and covered Foghorn fairly well too. …And, good ol’ Sniffles is complete as well! (…Both the “original” and the “imposter” versions!)

What nice about this is that, for a time after the Golden Collections ended, it looked as if were weren’t going to be getting much more – as HAS turned out to be the case with Popeye. But, that has changed in our favor!