Monday, August 6, 2012

Comic Book Covers: Three Pieces of Octo-Pie!

Separated at birth (…or at least at the colorist’s), these three comic book covers all appeared over a short span of time – making for ONE BUSY OCTOPUS!  
HUMAN DEFENSE CORPS # 1. (Featuring President Lex Luthor.)

A Great Mini-Series that No One Remembers!


“Dragon Him Down!”  

ROBIN # 84.

Robin Dies at Prawn!”  …Yeah, I know.
I guess he worked cheap – though I understand he demanded to be paid in PIECES OF EIGHT! 

Oh, and for those still groovin’ on THIS POST, here’s an early Gold Key “Octopus Cover”. 

“Brother, can ya spare… uh, THREE LEGS!”

And, finally, before leaving this “Octopus’ Garden”…

Musta been somethin’ he EIGHT!  
“The Octopus Granddaddy of Them All” – Carl Barks’ “Octo-Pepper-Pus” from his 1947 masterpiece “Ghost of the Grotto”! 

Tonight is YE KNIGHT, all right!  See you in OCTO-ber!


joecab said...

Japanese tentacle art fetishists ... the whole lot of them!

Joe Torcivia said...

OMG! I never thought of my Blog as being fetishist!

Would Woody’s five-tentacled friend fall under some specialized fetish? …And can I even use the word “Woody” in such a sentence and maintain my usual decency guidelines? …Oh, the unexpected places we sometimes go!