Saturday, June 30, 2012

What’s Wrong with This Picture… er, Package?

…At a glance, two things.

One is the unfortunate, distracted, and almost constipated look on Batman’s face. 

Maybe that’s why he’s so intense… or maybe he’s just girding himself for the coming showdown with Bat-Mite in the final episode of both this set – and the series.  (Oh, it’ll be AWESOME SAUCE… trust me!) 

The other is that REALLY WEIRD LOOKING THING down in the lower left corner.  (Oh, here it is again!)

What IS that thing, anyway? 

Surely, it cannot be a DC COMICS LOGO! 

THIS is a DC Comics Logo.  (Classic Silver Age.)

THIS is also a DC Comics Logo.  (My favorite version, for what it’s worth.)

Even THIS is a DC Comics Logo – though why ANYONE at DC would approve a logo so evocative of the SHIELD of Marvel’s Captain America is beyond my mortal comprehension.  But, a legitimate DC Comics Logo, it is. 

But, THIS?!

Sorry.  But, personally, this does not make me think of “DC COMICS”! 

Hell, it doesn’t even say “DC”!  Can you honestly distinguish the two letters “D” and “C” from this mess?  Especially, if you didn’t “go in” looking for them? 

What is it… really?  Any thoughts, readers?

...While we're at it, what's "DC Entertainment"?

And why is the "D" peeling-off /falling-off the "C", as if its GLUE dried out? 

Classics forever! 

Do I even HAVE to say it?


Chris Barat said...


Let's call it the "Peel-C" logo!

Kinda symbolizes the company's rapidly fading legacy pretty well, don't you think?


Joe Torcivia said...

With the exception of animation, I couldn’t agree more, Chris!

scarecrow33 said...

Oh, no, DC! Say it ain't so!

This evokes memories of Superman's (mercifully brief) makeover in the mid/late 90's when he got a new costume and altered powers--just not the same at all. Let's hope wiser heads prevail with the next logo re-do.

The artwork on the DVD cover makes me feel as though Batman is expecting me to throw him the bat-rope. But what's with that clenched fist while flying through the air? He's reaching for an assist with one hand, while getting ready to punch his benefactor's lights out with the other. (Personally, I think it would look cooler with the clenched fist coming at ya first...or has that been done too much?)

Chris Barat said...


I was thinking comics all along.

Wonder how you could fit Johnny DC into this brave new logo world?


Joe Torcivia said...

Chris: I’d imagine any corresponding “Johnny DC” would look as if he were drawn by Picasso!

Scarecrow: Ah, yes… “Electric Blue Superman”! Eventually leading to the odd duality of “Superman Red” and “Superman Blue”!

Which, in turn, was a riff on the lead story of 1963’s SUPERMAN # 162 – the cover caption of the issue reading: “Featuring the greatest Imaginary Novel of them all: The Amazing story of Superman Red and Superman Blue!”

See the cover at this link:

And, for once, Unca Mort Weisinger wasn’t kidding! It probably WAS “The greatest Imaginary Novel of them all!” It’s something everyone should read once. It was reprinted in “The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told” (1987), and in one of their early ‘80s digests.

Beyond that, you can never have too many “clenched Batman fists coming at ya”, I always say! Nothing beats the classics!

It’s the FACIAL expression I feel they got wrong! It doesn’t fit the attempt at an action pose.

One of the great artistic licenses often taken with Batman is that the eye-slits of his cowl can change shape to illustrate his mood. And his mood here seems too plaintive, or otherwise distracted, thanks to the eye-slits and mouth.

…Perhaps he’s having the same reaction to the logo that we’re having! Maybe he’s even about to trip over it!

Anonymous said...

The new logo looks like a carabiner in an adhesive wrapper that's been peeled halfway off.

Joe Torcivia said...

So far, we’ve got no takers on the new logo!

…Anyone surprised?

Bruce Kanin said...


As you can imagine my favorite logo was the "National Comics/Superman" one because of what it meant - the Silver Age! But, like you, I was drawn as well to the great *DC* logo - looking back, it meant "We're still stars at what we do - we're proud of our quality - read us!" And more or less, that was true!

The new DC logo, on the other hand, makes me think of so much (and none of it positive!), some of what has been said by yourself and the spot-on replies to this post...

The "D" looks, well, "defective" ... perhaps appropriate if you think about it.

Could be that the "D" is being rolled over the "C" like a sheet, as in "Departed Comics".

The "D" partially hiding the "C" looks tentative, as in, "Are you really, really sure you want to read our comics?" (We know the answer to that.)

And to get real "nitpickery" (sorry, spell-checker), I noticed that they have multiple color combinations based on the series category (I don't remember what they are - because I don't read'em). To me, that suggests something like "too much going on here" as in "written by a committee", which we know is not a good thing.

In that regard, I noticed that they have a very dark, grey/black "DC" which presumably refers to the Batman books, and a bright green one that must refer to the Green Lantern (and Arrow?) books. But as mentioned, they were better off when the entire company had one superhero referenced in their logo - the greatest one of all (or used to be before Dan DumDio and company made him fade into their sorry woodwork) - SUPERMAN !

I'm still very sour on DC's movies and comics (with the exception of the "Dark Knight" movies), so I will sum it up by saying that their new logo makes me think:




Joe Torcivia said...

Always glad to see you here, Bruce!

I think you may have gotten it in your comments: “Defective Comics”

Yeah, “Defective”…that’s certainly been the case for quite some time!

And, what looks like a cheap piece of plastic wrap peeling off of the “C” exemplifies that.

Just curious, Bruce… Have you seen “Superman vs. The Elite”, discussed in a previous post? Unlike the current comics – and the new logo that fronts them – it’s really great!

Ryan Wynns said...


I'm partial to the 1977-2005 "DC Bullet", if only because it's what I grew up knowing as THE DC logo.

In fact, I can point to where (I'm pretty sure) I first set eyes on said logo. I always point to Gladstone's Uncle Scrooge Adventures #5 as having been my very first comic. But an argument (and a faulty one, as I'm about to demonstrate!) could be made of that not being true: earlier, at an assembly in kindergarten or a local library community event or something, a Supergirl seat belt-awareness giveaway comic was bestowed upon me. Gracing its cover's upper lefthand corner was the emblematic, mighty DC bullet. (See: ...) Thus, both Supergirl and the bullet logo were ingrained in my psyche, permanently!

However, regarding the "Should I really say that that was my first comic?" issue ... what I didn't realize then was that it wasn't a real comic ...but some uppity adults had fooled me into thinking that it was! So, I've ruled that it doesn't count, and USA #5 stands as my true "Ol' Number One"! :D

...still, I think my favorite may just be the Silver Age logo, its merit so well-articulated by Bruce.

-- Ryan

Joe Torcivia said...

A “comic” *IS* a “comic”, Ryan!

…And that includes giveaways! And, there are some pretty valuable “giveaways” – some starring Donald Duck!

My first comic was Dell’s TWEETY AND SYLVESTER # 21. No matter how much I’d like to say it was a Carl Barks UNCLE SCROOGE, or an early Silver Age FLASH… TWEETY AND SYLVESTER it is!

Believe it or not, I STILL have that comic and I embrace it as the first. Got an upgrade to it in the ‘90s, but still treasure that one as the first!

…I think Supergirl’s outside, waiting to talk to you! :-)

Oh, yes… SURVEY SAYS: The “DC Bullet Logo” still rules!

Ryan Wynns said...


I have to admit that you're right -- but still, the classic Dell giveaways' sole purpose of existence wasn't as a vehicle to preach a public service message, which was more my reason for considering that Supergirl giveaway "not a real comic". But even it's a goody-goody public service message comic, the operative word is "comic" ... so, you've got me: "A 'comic' *IS* a 'comic'"!

Still, USA #5 is truly the one that got me started, and it will always be very special to me, for that reason and for the great Don Rosa story that the entire issue was given to.

Guess I'm not alone in thinking of the "bullet" as THE DC logo!

-- Ryan

Joe Torcivia said...

That’s more like it, Ryan!

And, say… Didn’t the rather valuable giveaway “Donald Duck Tells About Kites” exist to deliver a “goody-goody public service message”? …I don’t have one, but I’m goin’ on hearsay!

Now go, Ryan… Run to Supergirl and make amends! You’ll find she’s really quite the gal – and right there under your very nose – or longbox! Uncle Scrooge Adventures # 5 will still be there for you to enjoy forever! You’ll be TWICE as blessed! …Gosh, I feel like Dr. Phil! :-)

And, thank you for your support and affirmation of the DC Bullet Logo. It is indeed THE ONE!

Comicbookrehab said...

Yeah, I remember joking on Twitter that that logo was created by the guys behind the packaging on Vitamin Water and water flavoring drops.

And Batman's DANCING - can't you see it? Martha Graham taught Bruce Wayne the fine art of interpretive dance in a deleted scene from "Batman Begins". :P

Joe Torcivia said...


Well, it's been said that the secret to Batman’s success and longevity as both a character and pop-culture icon is due to his adaptability and the willingness (of both character and his creators) to evolve with the times.

So, perhaps his apparent journey from “The ‘60s Bat-tusi” to interpretative dance is just another example of this! :-)

Comicbookrehab said...

..and his jazz hands. :)