Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Sale Today: UNCLE SCROOGE # 397!

Run, drive, bike, or skate (…even walk, if you must) to your favorite comic book shop and pick up a copy of UNCLE SCROOGE # 397! Brought to you by the fine folks at BOOM Kids!

The great Carl Barks “sailboat” tribute cover, beautifully executed by Diego Jourdan and based on Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories # 108 (September, 1949), will LEAP off the racks into your waiting arms!

If it doesn’t do that, just pick it up. It may be shy about doing tricks for strangers.

Inside, you’ll find my first American English Disney comic book script ever to appear in the “standard” comic book format – and my first ever lead story: “DuckTales: The Last Auction Hero”!

(Original story by Paul Halas and Dave Angus, with art by Jose Maria Millet Lopez.)

I had a grand time dialoguing Scrooge McDuck and Flintheart Golmgold, at a heated auction for the fabulous Wrathakhan Emerald. They empty their pockets of cash – and anything else they can find – in the name of their ages old rivalry! Add the unique comedy stylings of Launchpad McQuack and the DuckTales Beagle Boys, and you’ve got yourself a game! …A game of what, I couldn’t say!

The gang’s all here, as David Gerstein and Jonathan Gray follow suit with “DuckTales: Big Blimp in Little Trouble”! (Original story by Halas and Tom Anderson, with art by Lopez.) And William Van Horn offers his own unique take on Launchpad and Gyro in “A Dolt from the Blue”!

With ALL THIS, how can you go wrong?
Hint: YOU CAN’T! Enjoy it!


Chris Barat said...


I'll be getting it tomorrow... can't wait! But you didn't HAVE to channel "Baseball Bugs" ("you've got yourself a game") once again, just for my benefit.


Joe Torcivia said...


Maybe I’m hoping that “The Last Auction Hero” will “follow you hauntingly and mercilessly throughout life”, as does “Baseball Bugs”!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind comments Joe :)
I look forward to seeing my cover print (in fact i did covers for issues 397 thru 399)... hopefully my comps will arrive soon (i live down here in Chile).

Joe Torcivia said...


And, thank YOU for visiting my Blog!

I loved that cover from the first moment I saw it as an online preview!

It’s both a clever and well-executed tribute to the Carl Barks original.

We see lots of deserved cover homages to the greats of other comic book genres – such as Jack Kirby and Neal Adams – but this genre has its greats, and its great covers too!

And your homage to that well-known Carl Barks cover is PERFECT!

I particularly loved the SHARKS, replacing the more placid fish!

I look forward to seeing more of your fine work!


Pete Fernbaugh said...

Diego, that is a beautifully rendered cover. Plus, it's a tribute to one of my favorite Barks covers. I can't wait to get my copy. Thank you for your good work.

Joe, I told you this privately, but I'm thrilled to be seeing your authorship on a DuckTales story. You and Chris are the Ken Burnses(something grammatically suspect about that pluralization...) of DuckTales history and lore.

And of course you know that if even one line of dialogue doesn't ring true to the DT characters, the five-year-old in me will spring to life and properly chastise you. :)

Congrats on your first standard-format comic book story.

Joe Torcivia said...

I’m hoping that both “Five Year-Old Pete” and (pardon) “Big Bad Pete” will be pleased!

And, yeah... imagine that! I’ve been in squarebound “prestige” format comics, album format comics, trade paperbacks, a hardcover… and even a DVD, but never once in the standard comic book format that I’ve loved all my life!

So, my thanks go out to BOOM Kids! for helping me achieve that longtime goal!