Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Best Chalkboard Gag Ever!

The clouds part, to an almost-religious sounding chorus, revealing a golden logo. The camera’s POV pans over a town, finally focusing on a nondescript elementary school building.

Inside, an anything-but-nondescript young boy repeats the act of writing a sentence upon a chalkboard, a punishment for misdeeds unseen.

This, of course, is the opening of THE SIMPSONS! And, by now, there have been well over 400 such “Chalkboard Gags” – but, while enjoying “The Simpsons: The Complete Twelfth Season” DVD set, I might just have seen the BEST ONE OF THEM ALL!

To open the episode “Simpsons Tall Tales” (original air date May 20, 2001), Bart, who has been “ten years old” since the series’ inception, writes:


…Over and over again, to an unexpected outburst of laughter by yours truly!

Best Chalkboard Gag Ever!

By now, in 2010, should he not be THIRTY?

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Ryan Wynns said...


Hahahaha!!! I missed that one!

What did you think of "That 90's Show"? ;)