Sunday, October 20, 2013

A NYCC 2013 Moment # 9. THE WALKING (and almost) DEAD!

As noted, I didn’t buy very much “reading material” at New York Comic Con 2013, but what I did pick up was “choice” (and inexpensive)… OMAC, INFERIOR FIVE, and one other old comic to be discussed at the end of this series. 

But, there was another purchase of note, brought on by my more recent interest in Cable TV’s mega-hit series THE WALKING DEAD! 
Listening to the various DVD Commentary Tracks for THE WALKING DEAD, I often heard about the similarities to, and notable differences from, the comic book from which it sprang.  
 This makes me wish I HAD read the comic – but, with its being published for over ten years, that’s a lot of ground to cover, and a lot of modern back-issue comics to buy… especially in view of my decision discussed in THIS POST
For me, it might as well be NEW COMICS behind that door!
There WAS what seemed to be a handy alternative, though… Two thick volumes of “THE WALKING DEAD COMPENDIUM”, collecting the first 96 (!) issues of the series.  
Imagine 96 of THESE in only two HEAVY volumes!
 But, having picked them up in a comic shop some months ago, I looked at their retail price of 59.95 each (!), and put them right back down.   (Yes, I have become budget conscious in recent years!) 

But, I’m pleased to say that, at New York Comic Con 2013, I found a dealer willing to sell both volumes to me (only slightly scuffed) at less than half the cover price!  Isn’t the Free Market wonderful? ...Except for all those nasty crude oil speculators who make gasoline so expensive, that is!
Of course, as I tend to unfortunately do, I found these books EARLY on Day Two, and was forced to walk around with them ALL DAY, and through dinner and the train and bus ride home. 
Did I mention that, together, these two books weigh OVER SEVEN POUNDS!  (At least they didn’t use cheap paper!) 

Sure, there’s a lot of great reading in my future, but for most of that day, I pretty much had a “WALKING DEAD arm!”

Heavy BOOKS in that bag, Rick?
You think I would have learned about making unusually sized (or weighted) purchases early in the day, from LAST YEAR!  

Meep-Meep! (...or, Mope-Mope!)


Chris Barat said...


Look at it this way... carrying those heavy books around all day gave you a realistic sense of how laboriously THE WALKING DEAD must typically get around!


Joe Torcivia said...

Clearly, a fan’s dream come true, Chris! :-)

We’re taking a NYCC break for some unfortunate news of the R.I.P. nature coming very soon. Then, we’ll have about two more NYCC 2013 posts before we let this con-puppy go until next year.