Sunday, October 13, 2013

A NYCC 2013 Moment # 3. Underwear For Art Thou?

I’ve never been a part of the segment of fandom that is into costuming.  The closest I’ve ever come to such an activity was in 1978, when I put a big orange sponge on my head, topped it with a Philadelphia Phillies cap, and passed myself off as Major League Baseball’s Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt.

I look just like the REAL THING, don't I!

Over the years, I have come to recognize the efforts of such people as both entertaining and inventive.  This year at New York Comic Con was no exception, as I found myself taking in the various zombies, anime characters, Batmen, Batgirls, Supermen, Supergirls, Catwomen, Harley Quinns, various and sundry X-Men, and multiple-era versions of Jokers and Riddlers. 
Even a pair Daphne and Velma look-and-dress-alikes were on hand – not to mention Freakazoid! 

 But this year, I noticed a trend among males toward wearing a shirt… and (wait for it) nothing else but their… underwear!  I’ve seen this pants-free look enough times over the first three days to know that "something’s afoot" – even if nothing’s between their exposed briefs and foot. 

Kinda like that clichéd dream where you’re naked in front of your class – but it’s a Comic Con!
Don't worry... We won't show it!

I have but two questions to ask of my readers:

1:  What sort of costuming is this in tribute to?

2:  How do they manage to arrive from the outside in such a state of undress (Do they discard their pants once inside?) – not to mention how they can continue to parade around the Convention Center in such a fashion?    
Okay… here’s a third:  Gosh darn it, why does it only have to be males?!  Okay?  I said it!  Happy? 

Oh, and to shift costuming gears… I saw the GREATEST GREEN ARROW COSTUME EVER on Day Three of New York Comic Con 2013! 

Why?  Because he came equipped with the classic Boxing Glove Arrow”!  …YES!   And he wore green tights over his (presumably) green underwear! 


joecab said...


Joe Torcivia said...

I guess so, but imagine the awkward cab ride to the con!

Will said...

Walter White from Breaking Bad?

Joe Torcivia said...

If so, thank you. Though I'm partial to THE WALKING DEAD and MAD MEN, I've never managed to see BREAKING BAD.