Wednesday, January 16, 2019

More Melon 3!

Here, courtesy of our friend Achille Talon, is still another hilarious installment of the Franco-Belgian comic "Walter Melon" (...known as "Achille Talon" in French, hence his screen-name) by the great cartoonist Michael Greg...

...And with, as we used to say during IDW's days of glory, "Translation and Dialogue by Achille Talon", the REAL one, not the "cartoon-one"!   

CLICK TO ENLARGE any panel sequence!  Please excuse the inconsistencies in panel size.  That's just how they appear in Blogger!  

Let me remind you that the reams of outright funny English dialogue put into the mouth of Michael Greg's characters are all the more incredible an achievement as Achille is French!  

Would that ALL (Fresh and) Modern Day comics had incredible translations like this!  

Achille is once again thanked for his wonderful contributions to this humble Blog!  

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Sheer Genius, or Lamest Activity Page Ever?

I'm not really sure which one it is, "Genius" or "Lamest Ever" ... But leave it to Charlton to have been the publisher that created it! 

Click to Enlarge!

Yes, it is exactly what it appears to be... "Fill in the Names of Your Choice on the Apartment Doorbells"... Courtesy of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO # 19 (Charlton Comics, Cover Date: February, 1971) - based on the 1967 Hanna-Barbera cartoon! 

It's one of our neighbors, Abbott... I just don't know who!
Did you ever want to live in the same building as Bud Abbott and Lou Costello? 

Just PUT YOUR NAME in one of the blanks, and Lou might be knocking on YOUR door at 3 in the morning, asking to borrow a cup of sugar! 

Though I think I'd vastly prefer Bud and Lou to FRANKENSTEIN and KING KONG... if, for no other reason, Kong would definitely have a LARGER APARTMENT than me - and ALL New Yorkers tend to envy that sort of thing! 

But that's not all, folks!  By filling-in YOUR NAME and, on other bells, ANY OTHER PERSON'S NAME OF YOUR CHOICE, you could live in the same building as Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Jonas Salk, James Cagney, Derek Jeter, Irwin Allen, Gene Roddenberry, Frank Sinatra, Carl Barks, Angus Young, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, LeBron James, Paul McCartney, George Washington, John Wayne, Casty, Walter Cronkite, Former President Barack Obama, Former President Dick Cheney, Raquel Welch - or "that gal or guy you had no chance at all of ever dating in high school"!  

...And, if "that gal" happened to be Raquel Welch (or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for that matter), you could save yourself one blank to fill!  

Me?  I'd add Marta Kristen, Yvonne Craig, and Grace Lee Whitney - and put 'em all on the same floor as me, so I could watch 'em come and go!  But, I'd put Esther right next door - or better yet, on the SAME BELL with me!  ...Fantasy only goes so far, you know!  

Finally, how many of you would put FAY WRAY in that last box?  

...C'mon, I know ya would!  

Hi-ya, neighbor! 

Friday, January 4, 2019

Adventures in Comic-Boxing: Focusing on Fannish Flotsam!

It all started with a mouse!  ...Or, more precisely, someone who DREW a mouse for THIS POST!

The ever-inquiring (...and did I mention "intrepid") Debbie Anne Perry raised the question:

"Who would throw false teeth at someone?"

...To which I instinctively replied: "Someone who wanted to make a biting remark!" 

But, after filing that gag away for possible use in a future story (...or, one day, maybe even re-dialoguing this one), Deb's question prompted me to take a closer look at the furiously-flung flotsam, and come up with the following observations...

Looking closer at the illustration above, what is that thing (that appears to have NO COLOR OF ITS OWN, but assumes the background color of YELLOW) - toward the right side of the panel, surrounded clockwise by  Donald's hat, the pop bottle, the word "BOO!", and the apple?

  • A leaf, that has come off the stem of the apple?

  • A chandelier crystal?

  • An arrowhead? 

  • A "martial arts throwing thingie", that would have cut Donald's head off or caused him to bleed to death from the jugular?

  • A miniature yellow spaceship, manned by tiny yellow aliens who just wanna know what all the fuss is about? 

  • Maybe even a RIP in the panel?  Or, in the yellow backdrop Donald is posed in front of?  ...Or, maybe the very "time-space continuum" itself?  
The GUMS of the false teeth are completely white!  Do they belong to a skeleton?  

Finally, why doesn't Donald just grab that CAN OF SPINACH coming at him, and become impervious to the fannish assault directed at him? 

Deb answers that last question with: "King Features Syndicate would have sued Donald into next week if he ate the spinach (although he was a sailor!)"

Yeah, I probably gotta agree with that!  

For those wondering, this "barrage brought unto Donald" is from DONALD DUCK # 116 (Gold Key Comics, Cover Date: November, 1967)...

..."The Case of the Super Secret Mission", by Vic Lockman and Tony Strobl!

And if we all find ourselves suddenly sucked into "A World [We] Never Made", just like another famous "comic-book duck"...

...We'll know that thing was indeed a RIP in the very "time-space continuum" itself!  If so, sorry for letting it loose on the world, via this Blog!   

Naaah!  It's probably just MUTT AND JEFF celebrating another NEW YEAR!  ...I HOPE! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year 2019 - with Mutt and Jeff!

MUTT AND JEFF, especially for a comic of its time, often "Broke the Fourth Wall"...

...But here, in a truly unusual Sunday newspaper comic strip reprinted in MUTT AND JEFF # 44 (DC Comics, Cover Date: February/March, 1950), they not only "break the Fourth Wall" - but literally TEAR DOWN Walls 1-3 in celebration of the New Year!  

Below is a panel-by-panel breakdown of the festivities!   Watch the panel borders... um, "lose cohesiveness" (for lack of a better term) as the strip progresses!  

Now I have no idea exactly which "New Year" creator Bud Fisher, (studio assistant and de-facto writer/artist) Al Smith, and the strip's cast might have been originally ringing-in... But, given this is a newspaper strip, reprinted in a comic book with a cover date of February/March - 1950 (which means it would have been on sale in DECEMBER, 1949), it is almost certainly a year sometime in the mid-to-later 1940s!  

In the next-to-last panel, Jeff's PANTS change from orange to blue - or is Mutt just a supernatural contortionist?  You decide!  

And you gotta admit... THIS PANEL BELOW is ONE FREAKY PANEL!  

The tiny table would seem to be Mutt and Jeff's last refuge of normalcy! I'd hide under there too!  Pretty amazing for the 1940s! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 (and "nineteen-forty-whatever") from Mutt and Jeff, their supporting cast, Esther, Averi, Joe - and TIAH Blog!  

...Especially from Averi!