Friday, October 18, 2013

Superman at 75!

We interrupt our series of New York Comic Con 2013 posts, simply because you MUST see THIS!

More on NYCC resumes tomorrow! 


Bruce Kanin said...


Thanks for letting me know about this. Actually, I had seen it recently, but utterly loved viewing it again via your blog.

It is a masterful animated collage of many (not all - they just couldn't fit'em all in...) of the major incarnations of Superman. And not just the versions that were originally animated, for they included cartoon versions of George Reeves, Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill!

Plus they wonderfully used both the Chris Reeve & Henry Cavill "Superman" themes, with the former melding into the latter.

My only regret is that Siegel and Shuster aren't around to have seen it. Their eyes would well up - as mine did!



Joe Torcivia said...


As I was watching it, the moment it shifted to Black and White, and I realized (by the character’s smile) they were doing George Reeves… I KNEW, in that instant, this was something special.

We’re also reminded, by the succession of “Doomsday”, “Reign of the Supermen”, “Superman Red / Superman Blue”, SUPERMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES, and “Kingdom Come”, what an exciting decade the nineties was for Superman!

I hope this becomes an extra on a future DCU original animated DVD! I REALLY want to see a Blu-ray version of this on my living room screen! The next one is supposed to be a JUSTICE LEAGUE adaptation, so, hopefully, it happens!