Tuesday, September 17, 2013

“Dead” Even!

I’ve finally completed THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON THREE on Blu-ray, and am ready to begin following the series’ regular cable-casts for Season Four that will begin Sunday evening, October 13, 2013.

As you may know from previous posts, I’ve watched THE WALKING DEAD exclusively on DVD, since “blind-buying” the first two seasons on DVD as part of the annual Black Friday sales of 2012. 

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What a ride it’s been!  Trying to remain “Spoiler Free”, we’ve seen Rick Grimes and his intrepid party of “Zombie-Apocalypse survivors” journey from a “roadside-gathering” outside Atlanta, to The Center for Disease Control (Season One), to relative safety on a farm (Season Two), and finally holing-up in a near-abandoned prison (Season Three) – with the nearby oasis-town of “Woodbury” and its insane Governor posing as much threat as the titular “Walking Dead”. 

There's no "recall" for THIS Governor!
Characters are added by introduction, and subtracted by death – and some you never thought would be “subtracted”… were.    
Who's WALKING, and who's DEAD?

The Season Three finale was uncharacteristically anti-climactic, insofar as there was no “certain finality” to the arc of the season, as there had been in Seasons 1 and 2.  But, was it ever exciting getting to that point.  I can only imagine things were left that way in order to set up the start of Season Four. 
Anyone got somethin' to say about "certain finality"?  Huh? Anyone?
Anyway, we can now discuss THE WALKING DEAD up through Season Three – but, hopefully, in general-enough terms so as not to give away Spoilers to those who might be catching-up as I did!   

There's your WARNING!  No SPOILERS!


Pete Fernbaugh said...

Hey Joe!

Glad you're caught up, man. I look forward to enjoying it together this season.

I welcomed the anti-climatic nature of the Season Finale. In some ways, it seemed appropriate, given the non-stop pace of the entire season.


Besides, I was afraid Hershel was going to die. And he didn't. That was climatic enough for me.

Rumor has it, however, that he's bound for the fatal bite this season...

Incidentally, what was your favorite episode of the season? I think mine was the episode in which...


...Morgan returns. To me, if any episode of THE WALKING DEAD could be turned into a stage play, this would be the one. I loved its reflective nature. Too few of the television programs today take time to stop and think about themselves. (Well, apart from MAD MEN, which spends every week thinking about itself.) Stellar writing all around.

The actor, Lennie James, is currently starring in another AMC series, LOW WINTER SUN. I've only seen the first episode, but he is tremendous in it.


Joe Torcivia said...

It’ll be fun to be along, Pete!

Lennie James, believe it or not, was in the 1998 LOST IN SPACE movie.

If my favorite ep of the season isn’t “Clear” (Return of Morgan), it would be…


“Walk with Me”, that establishes The Governor, the town of Woodbury, and (as long as we’re greeting “old friends”) the return of Merle! (…Who I KNEW would find his way back, after his mysterious departure in Season One.)

This one gave me that great LOST / Ben Linus / Comfortable Community of “The Others” vibe all over again! And revealed the shocking brutality of The Governor in his meeting with the guardsmen.

Funny thing is, in my first WALKING DEAD post, I sort of humorously wondered when our band of survivors would meet TWD’s equivalent of “Ben”, and they did.

Still, it’s probably a toss-up, with a slight edge to The Governor over Morgan, just because of the longer-term implications on the series.

And, thanks for the SPOILER ALERTS! …Blogging etiquette, you know!