Saturday, October 18, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014: Where's the Rest of It?

By now, all good TIAH-True-Believers are probably asking... 

You've told us of Day One, but where's the rest of the story on New York Comic Con 2014?  

Fair question.  It's coming soon.  Very soon!  

And, it was a tremendous amount of ...FUN, FUN, FUN!  

Or, would that be: "FUN (Pop!), FUN (Pop!), FUN (Pop!)"!   

As Zumdish on LOST IN SPACE would say!  

Oh, yes... It was FUN!  Come back soon, and see just how much fun you can have in the three remaining days of NYCC! 

It'll be a Looong post, so be prepared!  (Pop!)  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A New York Comic Con 2014 Moment # 2: Disney Comics – of the Classic Variety – Are Back!

Okay, to be completely accurate, this news actually predates the start of New York Comic Con 2014, but might as well have been a part of it. 

Per our trusty friend Dan Cunningham, who provided THIS LINK, and longtime, decades-trusty friend Dana Gabbard, who provided THIS ONE, the classic Disney comic books – by which I mean the “Core Four” of DONALD DUCK, MICKEY MOUSE, UNCLE SCROOGE, and WALT DISNEY’S COMICS AND STORIES – and other special editions will be returning, courtesy of one of today’s best comic book publishers; IDW Publishing! 

Considering my OVERALL PESSIMISM over the “Core Four” situation, following the previous Boom! Studios line that ended in 2011, I am not only surprised at the suddenness of the news, but overjoyed at WHO the publisher will be! 

Over the last few years, IDW may very well be the most impressive publisher of both new and archival material, in terms of my particular tastes.  …And, that also very likely means “…in terms of the particular tastes of many who follow this Blog”.

New comic book limited series for POPEYE and ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE.  A reprint comic book series for POPEYE, featuring Dell Comics material by the great and vastly underrated Bud Sagendorf.   Collections of the Bobby London POPEYE daily newspaper strip. 

A reprint trade paperback series for ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE, containing material from the various 1960s-70s titles from Gold Key Comics.  And, in conjunction with DC Comics, collections of the Golden and Silver Age SUPERMAN newspaper comic strips, and the Silver Age BATMAN newspaper comic strip.

In order to head off any potential comments by longtime (...and need I say "trusty") friend Chris Barat… While not exactly to my tastes, IDW has apparently done a superb job with the MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC franchise.  To balance that off, I must also mention that they publish JUDGE DREDD

What all this means is that, since the inception of POPEYE in 2012, I have purchased and completely enjoyed more product from IDW, than from any other comics publisher – including the “personal renaissance” I’ve experienced with DC Comics this year, over titles like THIS and THIS

I couldn’t recommend the impressive, quality products of IDW more highly… and now they’re going to be the next publisher of the “Core Four” Disney titles! 

THIS PAST MARCH, I started to become a “comics fanboy” again – fittingly thanks to products by both DC and IDW.  A new line of Disney comic books, that includes DONALD DUCK, MICKEY MOUSE, UNCLE SCROOGE, and WALT DISNEY’S COMICS AND STORIES, especially one from IDW, will completely and utterly seal the deal. 


As for what I would like to see from this new line, you need look no further than the LAST FOUR MONTHS of the “Core Four” Disney titles released by Boom! Studios.  This, I must add, stands in direct contrast with the dreadfully wrong-headed approach they took when initially assuming the Disney license, post Gemstone. 

Those last four months were just about as perfect as a contemporary, standard-format Disney comic book line could be.  A healthy mix of classic tales (which now includes the work of Don Rosa) and “new-to-the-United States” modern material, guided and prepared by editorial and other creative talents that know, understand, and (most importantly) care about the characters and the books.   


IDW has already demonstrated these vital qualities in the series mentioned above, and I trust they will carry this over to their Disney line! 

Do more like these!  I'm confident they will! 

A great time to be a comic book fan, is about to become FAR GREATER, folks!  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A New York Comic Con 2014 Moment # 1: Crowd… er, Crown “Jules” – or “What the Huck?”

It was very crowded on Day One of New York Comic Con 2014.  More so than my recollections of previous New York Comic Cons would have me believe. 

Thursday is usual the day to explore and, despite the apparently multiplying multitudes, I was still able to do just that. 

Spent a whole SIXTEEN DOLLARS on EIGHT old comics – including (Heaven help me!) a repurchasing of Charlton’s first issue of HUCKLEBERRY HOUND, for the TWO DOLLARS it is not even worth today. 

I just haven’t had this comic in so many years (Yes, I intentionally expelled it from my collection ages ago!) that, for some unfathomable reason, I wanted to see it again!  

…And now, having seen it again, the reason for purchasing it (both THEN and NOW) becomes all the more unfathomable!

But, on the triple-plus side, I did secure a used copy of the legendary book “The Great Comic Book Heroes” by Jules Feiffer!  

Originally published in 1965, it was one of the (if not “THE”) earliest books about comic books, and was a book I’d heard about all my fannish-life!  My copy was the “First Paperback edition, 1977”, but is a treasure nonetheless… and, being somewhat of a rough copy, went for FOUR DOLLARS, making my TWENTY-DOLLAR DAY, one of the least expensive I have ever spent at a major con! 

This “Great Comic Book Hero” of mine would be proud! 


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It’s the Mooost Won-der-ful Tiiiime of the Year!

Yeah, that’s a Christmas song, or a bad approximation of one, but for comic book and pop culture fans in the New York City area, THIS is “the Mooost Won-der-ful Tiiiime of the Year”… 

It’s time for New York Comic-Con 2014!   This week: October 09-12.

Circumstances are such that I can’t promise as many “NYCC Moment” posts as last year, but I’m sure we’ll have some! 

And, to get you (…and ME, for that matter) in the mood for the festivities to come, here are ALL ELEVEN “NYCC Moment” posts for 2013!  …It’s just like doing the con with me!  …But not really, or very much at all! 

Hope you can all get there this year!  And, if not, go to your own local or regional comic-con.  It’s always a great (if sometimes exhausting) experience!   


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dan Does Disney (Comics) to the Bitter End!

Dan Cunningham is BACK, and this time he's taking us to "The Bitter End"...

The "Bitter End" of that bittersweet (actually, in the proper chronology, it would first be "sweet" -- and then "bitter"... VERY BITTER) era of in-house comic book publishing by The Walt Disney Company. 

I can't say it enough, folks... You will NEVER see this topic covered better than Dan does!  

And, it is both a pleasure and an honor to link to Dan's magnificent work - HERE!  

This is book-worthy material, that deserves the widest audience possible - and Dan links to his ENTIRE SERIES within this post, so take it ALL in!  

Yes, take it all in, and imagine what things COULD have been like, if only... 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

“Yabba-Dabba” Meets “Doo”!

One of our favorite contemporary comic books is SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP, my discovery of which is chronicled in THIS POST, and another extraordinary issue is discussed HERE.

This wonderful title, in which the Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. gang can apparently crossover with (presumably) the entirety of the DC Comics, Warner Bros. and Hanna-Barbera “Universes”, consistently showed great imagination and wit, as well as SUPERB character bits and observations (some seen below) in its first four issues. 


Issue # 5 with Wonder Woman and Issue # 6 with the Super Friends seemed just a “little less so” in the “superb character bits and observations” department, though still very enjoyable…

…But I expect this to seriously rebound in Issue # 7!  

According to “Friend of This Blog” Dan Cunningham – he of the superlative Blog series on Disney Comics that I never miss an opportunity to plug -- Issue # 7 of SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP will feature (…Drumroll!)  THE FLINTSTONES! 

HERE’S the link provided by Dan! 

The basic story idea sounds a bit like Vic Lockman and Phil DeLara’s “The Flintstones Meet Frankenstein and Dracula” (THE FLINTSTONES # 33, April, 1966), with the Scooby-gang being brought back in time to the days of Bedrock… to (guess what?) solve a mystery. 

Maybe even Perry Gunnite will be on hand (...or, thrown overboard).


Or, the Gruesomes?  

Or, dare I possibly hope for Alvin Brickrock? 
 With the generally high quality of SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP, anything’s possible! 

No matter, with all the talk about (and built-up desire for) a FLINTSTONES comic, as seen in THIS RECENT POST and THIS ONE, I expect this issue of SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP to be popular and well-received by the readers of this Blog. 

"Like, haven't we met a CAVEMAN, before?"  
Sing it with me: "Scooby, Dooby-Doo!  Where are You?  We've got some work to do now!"
"Scooby, Dooby-Doo!  Where are You?  We need some help from you, now!"

I can’t wait for the on-sale date of November 05, 2014! 

Yabba-Dabba… er, “Doo”!   

Run (or fly) to your comics retailer to get a copy!   

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Retirement to Derek Jeter!

On September 25, 2014, New York Yankees shortstop, and future Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter played his last home game at Yankee Stadium. 

In keeping with his amazing career of clutch and memorable performances, the Yankees had blown a three-run lead to the Baltimore Orioles in the top of the ninth inning. 

All Derek Jeter did, in his final at-bat at Yankee Stadium was to hit a walk-off, trademark sharp single to right field, to drive in the winning run and win the game!  

If this were a Hollywood movie, no one would believe it.  But, having had the pleasure of witnessing Derek Jeter’s entire career, not only could I believe it – but I even predicted it when he came up to bat! 

Thank you, Derek Jeter, for more great baseball moments than I could ever have imagined!