Thursday, July 2, 2015

On Sale July 01, 2015: MICKEY MOUSE # 1 from IDW.

This Independence Day Weekend, the REAL fireworks are found in the pages of MICKEY MOUSE # 1 (Legacy Number # 310) from IDW! 

In it, you’ll find "The Lost Explorers' Trail", original story by the modern Mouse master Andrea ("Casty") Castellan, with perfectly attractive art by the great Giorgio Cavazzano, and translation and spirited dialogue by the equally great Jonathan Gray! 

Casty, Cavazzano, and Gray introduce the American audience to Casty's superb addition to the Mickey Mouse cast - spirited (did I just use that word above?) explorer and adventurer "Eurasia Toft" - whom we first see like this...

...But who, to the chagrin of the uncharacteristically (but only initially) chauvinistic Mickey, quickly transforms to this!

In short, she's quite the addition to Mickey's cast, and will be appearing in future issues! 

I won't further spoil this grand adventure, but for a few specific observations...

Though she's clearly a unique character in the Disney Mouse Universe, at times - at least for me - Eurasia conjures up the image of Dot Warner of TV's ANIMANIACS!  
Eurasia and Dot... Separated at Mirth? 
And, while we're on Eurasia's "genetics", as it were, here's a pet peeve of mine in the realm of funny animal characters...

Here's Eurasia and her UNCLE PANGAEA TOFT.  

Um, she's a MOUSE (with bobbed-ears?) and he's a quasi-human!  How can they be related?  ...Okay, maybe she's adopted!  

Finally, on Independence Day, we cheer the Red, White, and Blue... but, let's also cheer the Gray!  Jonathan Gray, that is! 

Above, he comes up with a magnificent double-pun that has even ME green with envy!  Good one, my friend!  Excellent! 

And, maybe he can explain the strange notion of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" by the Eurythmics playing (in Mickey's head?) while our heroes face, and are bypassed by, a charging lion!  Maybe, they should take away his credit cards? 

...And while we're at it, what's "Bone Tractor" from DONALD DUCK # 1?  Huh? Still waitin' to hear about that!  

Jonathan also references the STAR TREK currency "Quatloos", and repurposes the classic Mickey story title, "The Miracle Master" to good effect!

Now, allow me to take the er, "liberty" to quickly survey the balance of the issue! ...I promise I'll do it "justice" (for all)!

A six-page Pluto story by classic Western Publishing creators Don R. Christensen and Paul Murry from 1953...

...And two Mickey Mouse Sunday newspaper strips by Bill Walsh and Manuel Gonzalez, that introduce "Ellsworth" the wise-guy mynah bird, round out the issue.

Both will ensure your "independence and freedom" from the boring weeks when there are no new IDW Disney comic books to buy!   

...And get a load of what's COMING NEXT! 

So, go um... "fourth" and make like a (bottle) rocket to your local comic shop - though keep it under 1776 MPH for safety's sake, and pick up your copy of MICKEY MOUSE # 1 (Legacy Number # 310) from IDW! It's a real "sparkler"! 

48 interior pages of pure comics fun, for only 3.99 "George Washingtons"!  ...But, it's worth its weight (and then some) in "Benjamins"!  

As always, once you’ve read the issue, please come back and join the discussion in our Comments Section! 

Just remember, I do not speak for IDW, or anyone in its employ.  I speak strictly for myself as both a long-time fan and as a dialogue creator – and those opinions are strictly my own. 

I’ll meet you back here for another lively comment thread! Eurasia's chiming-in already! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 01, 2015: A Great Day at the Comic Book Shop!

I couldn’t wait for work to end today… and here’s the reason why!   

Pictured in the order I will presumably read them…

This will be the first time since discovering the SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP title, that I did not read it first.  

But, that's only because I've been waiting so long for MICKEY MOUSE # 1 (Legacy Number # 310) from IDW.  Fear not, I still LOVE SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP!  

The wonderful BATMAN '66 title aside, DC Comics hasn't put out many things I'd care to read in the last few years - but here are two limited series devoted to BIZARRO and BAT-MITE, so how can I resist!  

The only reason BIZARRO is promoted over BAT-MITE in reading order is due to a guest appearance by KING TUT...

...And, if you took that first SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP link, you'd also know just how much I love King Tut!  ...Here, a Used Auto Dealer (!), rather than a screwy college professor!  

...Used Auto Dealer?! Ain't that rich! 

Glad I have a three-day holiday weekend coming up, with all this fine reading!  

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another Review of UNCLE SCROOGE # 3 from IDW

HERE'S another review of IDW's UNCLE SCROOGE # 3.  

I disagree with the reviewer's thoughts on the ending being rushed, as I felt that Scarpa did a magnificent job of tying the the threads together.  

But, his view of the UNCLE SCROOGE comic book series in general is very much worth reading!


Aw, c'mon, Scroogey!  Give him a break!  

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Comic Shop Retirement!

I've had many memorable experiences in the realm of comic books, first as a reader, later as an active fan, and, in recent years, as a content creator - but never one quite like this.  

Today was the "retirement day" for my comic shop of choice for more than the last two decades - Bailey's Comics, of Lindenhurst, NY, or more specifically for its longtime owner, whose name I will not mention in case he doesn't want the publicity.  

I could not be more satisfied with my experiences at Bailey's Comics, at which I've been a regular (again) for more than 20 years!  Or, for the readers of this Blog - and on the Disney licensed publisher scale - since Gladstone Series II.  

I would recommend Bailey's Comics to anyone and everyone reading this... and, guess what - I STILL CAN!  

I STILL CAN because, despite my longtime friend's retirement and the ending of that particular store...

Bailey's Comics has moved to a new location just up the road, and remains in very familiar and friendly hands!  

So, if you're ever in the neighborhood, stop by 282 North Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY 11757 - and say "Hi!" to Trung... and, if you happen to go on a day one of my IDW Disney comics is out (...the next one of which is pictured below), you might even meet me there!  

Oh, the Yogi Bear illustration that leads off this post?  

That has been stuck on one of the walls of Bailey's Comics as far back as its stated copyright date of 1997 - and I have gotten a "lift" from seeing each time I visited the old store!  It's a wonderful, lively image!  

At the retirement celebration today, I mentioned how much I liked seeing it over the years... and now I have it, and will place it onto one of my own comic book cabinets!  

Odd, considering all those years as a Bailey's Comics patron, there has never been a Yogi Bear comic book for me to buy there - save this one odd issue...

...But, Yogi Bear will be my final remembrance of the old Bailey's Comics.  That and, of course, lots of great comics - and the equally great service and attention that came *with* those great comics!

See you, in person or in spirit, for that same wonderful experience at the NEW Bailey's Comics!

  A retirement napkin from today's celebration! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On Sale Today: DONALD DUCK # 2 from IDW!

You don't need a "pushy reporter" to tell you that today's the day for DONALD DUCK # 2 (Legacy Numbering # 369) from IDW! 

...But, if one pesters you, be sure not to spill your test tubes of purple-staining chemicals on your copy. Because in it, you'll find “Shellfish Motives: Part Two of Two”, continued from last month's issue, by Romano Scarpa and dialogued by Jonathan Gray!  ...And you'd just hate yourself if you damaged such a great comic! 

No spoilers on our exciting conclusion, but I will note one oddity...

The signature of Walt Disney, as it appeared on the various comic STRIPS, appears throughout part two of Shellfish Motives”!   SEVEN TIMES, in fact! 

It actually appeared ONCE in "Part One" (below), and I thought nothing of it - as, I suspect, did many of you...

...But, here it is, all over "Part Two"!  Note the nice Carl Barks reference by Jonathan Gray in the third panel!

I haven't the slightest idea as to why this exists, nor why the signature is placed in the specific panels that it is.  

Might there have been more that were removed?  If not, why would it appear only ONCE over the 25 pages of "Part One" - and SEVEN TIMES over the 25 pages of "Part Two"?

Perhaps it was meant to mark the endings of "mini-chapters", within this lengthy story?  But the uneven distribution of the occurrences would seem to disprove that theory.  Anyone know?  

Oh, and I promised no spoilers, but I must say that Donald ends with an unexpected victory at the end of this tale that tickled me no end!  See it for yourself!  

There's also have an innocuous one-page Donald and Fethry gag, translated and scripted by our own Archival Editor David Gerstein, which I have a feeling I'd seen done before in the old Dell or Gold Key days - though I'll never recall where. 

Click to Enlarge.
We end with a REAL TREAT for everyone!  "Donald Duck Counter Spy" a rare non-comic strip artistic outing for classic Disney Duck artist Al Taliaferro!  

That was a Cheerios Premium Giveaway comic from 1947, so I doubt many of you have seen this! I haven't, and am thrilled to find it here!

Note Taliaferro's depiction of Donald's Neighbor Jones, whom Carl Barks introduced in 1943, but had fallen into disuse by 1947, and would not be revived again by Barks until 1963.  

The characterization of Jones is clearly that of Barks, even if the look is not!  

In any case, David Gerstein has certainly earned his "Archival Editor Jr. Woodchuck Merit Badge" for unearthing this one! 

As always, once you’ve read the issue, please come back and join the discussion in our Comments Section! 

Just remember, I do not speak for IDW, or anyone in its employ.  I speak strictly for myself as both a long-time fan and as a dialogue creator – and those opinions are strictly my own. 

So, don't feel Shellfish” about treating yourself to a copy of DONALD DUCK # 2 (Legacy Numbering # 369) from IDW!

...It's that special kind of personal indulgence with which no one could disagree! 

I’ll meet you back here for another lively comment thread!  

We have the best - and most polite - IDW Disney Comics discussions on the whole blamed Internet, so let's continue to have fun!