Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A NYCC 2013 Moment # 5. Quarterbacking The Walking Dead!

 In previous posts I commented on the many good costumes on display at New York Comic Con 2013… but here’s my personal favorite, even more than the Green Arrow with a Boxing Glove Arrow! 

Zombies from THE WALKING DEAD were everywhere, but my funny-bone was particularly tickled by someone dressed as a “Mark Sanchez Walking Dead Zombie”! 

Combine this...
For those who may not know, Mark Sanchez is the embattled quarterback with the New York Jets, who had two great years to start his career (going to two AFC Championship Games), followed by two disastrous years that, combined with injuries, led to his losing the starting quarterback job.   

...with this, and you get a "Mark Sanchez Zombie".
So here comes a Walking Dead zombie, all torn and bloodied-up, in a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey, equally torn and bloodied-up! 


I can only guess that either (A) this was a Mark Sanchez fan who “died a thousand deaths” over the 2011-2012 football seasons and came back as a zombie…

Or (B) it was meant to be Mark Sanchez himself… before OR after the “Zombie Apocalypse”?  Take your pick!  Or, since we’re referring to Mark Sanchez… “Take your Pick-Six!” 

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