Monday, October 18, 2010

I Dood It Again!

Saturday, October 16, was “National Boss’ Day”.
Now, why anyone would select a SATURDAY as the day to honor your boss, is beyond me. If it’s an arbitrary “holiday”, used as an excuse to sell cards and other Boss-approved doo-dads, why not make it on a Friday to end the week nicely – or, better yet – a Monday, to get the Boss in a good mood for the coming week?

I mean, REALLY… who wants to think of your boss on SATURDAY!

Nevertheless, when handed a Boss’ Day Card to sign this morning (since we couldn’t do it on a Saturday), I wrote the SAME THING in the card as I did last year – and will probably do it again in the future.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from decades of producer Irwin Allen’s particular brand of Sci-Fi / Fantasy television, it is to “never throw anything away”, when it can be re-used in the future!
Click on THIS LINK to find out what that was – and how it relates to UNCLE SCROOGE comics.

And, on the subject of UNCLE SCROOGE comics, be sure to pick up Boom Kids! UNCLE SCROOGE # 397 (out in ONE MONTH) and read my latest script: “The Last Auction Hero”. (My title, of course!)

Yes, I know that has nothing to do with “National Boss’ Day” – but somewhere, in some far-off land, it just might be “National Gratuitous Plugs Day”!

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