Sunday, October 3, 2010

Comic Book Covers: THE FLINTSTONES # 34 (June, 1966) What’s a “Blip, Blam, Bloo”?

Honestly, could we end this ANY other way?
With a Blip, Blam, Bloo comes The Great Gazoo!” So said the cover of THE FLINTSTONES # 34 , released in April, 1966 – not long after the final original episode of THE FLINTSTONES was run.

The sixth season would continue in repeats, and The Flintstones would move on to endless syndication and television history!

Some are of the opinion that the coming of The Great Gazoo, in the sixth and final season, signaled the end for (what was then) television’s longest running animated series.

I am one of those, though Harvey Korman was quite enjoyable as the little green guy.

The Gold Key comic book series would continue through the middle of 1970, and there would be later Flintstones series from Charlton, Marvel, Archie, and DC AND – in contrast with the cancellation of the TV series – perhaps we can trace the longevity of the various comic book series to THE EVENTS OF THIS VERY COMIC BOOK!
You see, unlike the TV series, where Gazoo hung around until the show was shut down – in the comic book version of the Gazoo debut (by Vic Lockman and Pete Alvarado), Gazoo RETURNED HOME AT STORY’S END (!), perhaps ensuring that the comic books would not suffer the same fate.

Or, as The Clash might say a few million years later… “Should he STAY, or should he GO!” You decide!

Whatever your thoughts on Gazoo, let’s just give a final Happy Fiftieth Salute to THE FLINTSTONES!

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