Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life Imitates Comics – “Boss’ Day”!

We interrupt our discussion of “Blog Posting Order” (HERE) for a time sensitive matter that just can’t wait!
What with the final presidential debate and the Philadelphia Philles going to the World Series – not to mention the effectiveness (or lack of same) in the order of related serial Blog postings – it becomes easy to overlook the following…
…Today, October 16, 2008, is “Boss’ Day”!

This makes today the perfect day to pick up your copy of Gemstone’s UNCLE SCROOGE # 375 and read the story titled “The Hard-Shelled Sage of Duckburg”. (…with English language script by yours truly!)

Why? Because, at the story’s end, Scrooge McDuck is just as surprised to learn that today is “Boss’ Day” as I was!

I can’t take credit for evoking the notion of Boss’ Day, as it was in the original story by Jens Hansegard. But, one of my many additions was a banner inscription reading…

“Happy Boss’ Day! (…to a Boss who’s Real Boss!)”
Yeah, even I mentally groaned while writing it… but it was intended to be one of those embarrassingly tacky things that you’d find in a card or party supply shop.

So, today, when a co-worker surprised me, by thrusting a “Boss’ Day” card in my direction and asking for an inscription, what do you think I wrote in heartfelt tribute to my Program Director?

“Happy Boss’ Day! (…to a Boss who’s Real Boss!)”
Moral of the story? Never throw ANYTHING away! There’s always another use for it!Happy Boss’ Day!” Over(time) and Out!

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