Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Most Frightening Halloween Experience!

No, it wasn’t any of the ghosts, goblins, devils, or skeletons!

Nor, was it even my New York Jets being shut out by the Green Bay Packers 9-0!

It was a 12-13 year old girl in some sort of costume (can’t even remember what) who rang the doorbell, and thrust her loot sack in my direction – while incessantly talking on her cell phone, and never once looking up at me!

Halloween sure has changed! Brrrrrr!


Chris Barat said...


I would have told the kid, "Sorry, honey, I'm only giving out candy to those who are trick or treating for UNICEF!"

Then, while she's processing that one, close the door!


Joe Torcivia said...

Well, Chris… That would be a case of “two wrongs, etc.”.

Perhaps, I should have answered the door yapping on MY cell phone!

And, I DID have one young man represent UNICEF. I rewarded his efforts, of course.

ramapith said...

So May, Tom and I took the Village Halloween Parade by storm as a Gorgon, Felix, and an escaped convict respectively (shock: I was not Felix!).

No big scares. But a heartwarming moment as we waited for our train home afterwards; two slightly tipsy college guys, coincidentally both costumed as huge Tetris blocks, met each other by chance on the train platform right in front of us. Almost swooning in joy at meeting a kindred spirit, they clumsily tried to make their bulky costumes intersect while we took their photos.

Joe Torcivia said...

You’re right… My biggest shock is that you were NOT Felix!