Saturday, October 2, 2010


We continue our “Flintstones at Fifty” celebration with “How It All Began” in comic books for “The Modern Stone Age Family” – DELL GIANT # 48 THE FLINTSTONES BEDROCK BEDLAM (1961). Art by the great Harvey Eisenberg.

As you must know by now, my favorite seasons of THE FLINTSTONES were Season One and Season Five.

What our last featured comic was to Season Five, this was to Season One – and, if I read my date codes correctly, would have been released in July, 1961 – which would have been smack in the middle of the “summer rerun” portion of that first season.
The inside front cover introduces us to Fred, Wilma, “Deeno”, Baby Puss (the saber-tooth cat), Barney and Betty in the form of a one-page gag with Fred and Barney “running into each other” full-tilt, on their way out to work.

We have a few of the early standards:

The backyard feud between Fred and Barney.

Fred’s attempt at social climbing.

Fred and Barney disguising themselves to “teach the girls a lesson”.

A story where Fred becomes an assistant private-eye to Perry Gunnite ( a “Peter Gunn” parody character who appeared ONCE on the show, but had a long life in the comics).

Strangest of all was a flat-out adaptation of the Season One episode “The Snorkasaurus Hunt” – but with the “quarry” named “Snorky the Snorkasaurus” differing from the continuity-busting TV version that has the talking, Bugs Bunny-like wise-guy dinosaur turn out to be their pet “DINO”!

Art for these stories was by Harvey Eisenberg and Pete Alvarado.

Come back for more “Flintstones at Fifty”!

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