Sunday, October 3, 2010

THE FLINTSTONES # 27 (July, 1965): Bonus Cover-age!

Today, for “Flintstones at Fifty”, we’ll do a SECOND cover… just because I like it.

Flintstones covers most often had two varieties: The typical “stone-age gag” that you’d see on the TV show (Bird with wide-wingspan used as an umbrella for two, etc.), or “A Bad Moment for Fred”!

This is my favorite “Bad Moment for Fred” cover, drawn by the great Harvey Eisenberg.


The brown background color was unusual for a Gold Key cover, and is somehow evocative of the rocky ground that Fred is being pounded into!

And, within lurk… (Shudder!) The Gruesomes!

And, on a totally personal note: On that same day in May 1965, I received by mail subscription both this comic and UNCLE SCROOGE # 58 – which contained “The Giant Robot Robbers” by Carl Barks. What a wonderful day THAT was!

Tomorrow, our last Flintstones cover.

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