Friday, December 28, 2012

Secrets of Marco Topo: Beyond The Last Line - or - The Unseen Postscript!

Ever wonder what goes on after the story ends?  ...Read on!

As we bid farewell to 2012, we close our first full year since 2002 without the "Core Four" Disney comic book titles: WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES, MICKEY MOUSE, DONALD DUCK, and UNCLE SCROOGE.   

Marking the occasion of the first of what I fear may be several (if not many) years without these comics, I offer up an unseen aspect of one of their very last vestiges, as we peer bravely into the heretofore unseen and unknown! BEWARE!

My "Editor Supreme" David Gerstein and I  sometimes have the fun of my scripting things especially for his eyes – knowing they will never make the cut – such as an alternate title to the “Pirate Gold” sequel I called “I Am Curious (Yellow Beak)”!

After Mickey delivered his closing line to Romano Scarpa's “The Treasure of Marco Topo” Part Two, in WDC&S # 720 , I kept on going… writing nonsensically, but still from the heart, at the prospect of these titles ending forever.

It was tacked on to the end of my first draft as a lark – and never intended for publication.  But, after a full year of Disney drought, here it is for you to enjoy… or recoil in horror (You decide!)

Here's the end of the story, followed by the "End Beyond the End" in special color text:

Minnie: Our last night in Venice! And, by the time we get home, everyone will forget about that dreadful reality show!

Brigitta: Yes, but it was fun being famous for a while!

Mickey: Fame is measured by character, Brigitta! Not TV bites! Here’s to the greatest bunch o’ characters I know!

[…And here’s to you and the gang, Mickey! And to “Unca”s Carl and Floyd, and “Maestro” Scarpa! From Joe and David! 

Remember… Make new friends, but keep the old.

One is Silver (Silver Age?), the other Gold… That is “Gold Key”, see?

And Dell, Whitman, Gladstone I, Disney Comics, Gladstone II, Gemstone, Boom!... and only the future knows who’s next! Hope to see you all there!

As Marco Topo put it: “Farewell!”]  End of post-script ramblings.

I really like Mickey’s line because it speaks for me: Here’s to the greatest bunch o’ characters I know!” …just in case it really is a long while before they return!

You've just looked beyond "The-End-Of-The-End"!  Scary, Huh? 


ramapith said...

Hey, it beats looking beyond "The End of the End" in "Lost in the Andes!" Rumor has it that after wrecking that dining car, Donald spent three days in jail as a public nuisance—and had to put up with cellmate Klepto Klippo's compulsive sleep-stealing. (It would have been twice as embarrassing if Donald wore pants.)

Joe Torcivia said...

…Or, sticking with that classic-among-classics “Lost in the Andes”, what about when the square-obsessed Plain-Awfultonians finally realize that one of their most sacred objects – the COMPASS left behind by the Professor from Bummin’ham – was JUST AS ROUND as the sacrilegious GUM BUBBLES blown by HD&L… realized their entire socio-political structure society was built on a lie… and completely destroy their society and themselves! …Oh, the horror! The HORROR!

Maybe Don Rosa merely STAGED his sequel (“Return to Plain Awful”) to shield us from the (plain) awful truth!

Gosh, my original aim in this post was to be UPLIFTING in the face of the comics’ absence! …Sure blew that, didn’t I!

Joe Torcivia said...

Oh, and in his stirring eulogy of the deceased Plain-Awfultonians, Uncle Scrooge was quick to point out that… “They made it SQUARE!”

Chris Barat said...


When will "several years without Disney comics" morph into "MANY years without Disney comics"? I have the sinking feeling that we are going to find out!


Joe Torcivia said...

Excluding the outstanding reprint collections form Fantagraphics, I’m afraid we WILL find out, Chris!

Dan said...

Joe, Chris & David:

There may be a grain of hope for Disney Comics in the future, as ComiXology has quietly begun offering official Disney titles through their digital service. The initial selection consists of classic and newer movie adaptions, plus some Italian Mouse & Duck stories.

Sadly, the translations are likely generated by computer software, as the stories and unambitious cover art are the same comic book files offered through the wonky, official "Disney Comics" app. Even sagas such as Ultraheroes & DoubleDuck are different from the BOOM!-produced translations as far as I can see. One preview story on the Disney Comics app had a nephew casually refer to Scrooge as "Uncle Scrooge McDuck" – which kind of left me cold.

"Cold! Duck! Ah, say, 'cold duck'... that's a joke son!"

Hmm. I don't know how Foghorn found his way in here.

Anyway, I have a notion that the ComiXology presence could be a positive signal for things to come. Thanks to you, Joe for your kind praise on my Holiday Card in an earlier comment post (sharp eye on the Van Horn logo tribute!), & thanks also for another year of magnificent blogging! HAPPY 2013 TO ALL! - Dan

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

I have to say, "I Am Curious (Yellow Beak)" made me laugh pretty hard. Well done.

Joe Torcivia said...

Thanks, Geo! Always happy to do my part!

…Just imagine what it must have been like between the guys who did Warner Bros. cartoons! Oh, how I’d love to know!

Joe Torcivia said...


Can’t say I share your enthusiasm… though, I sure hope you’re correct on this score.

Considering that “good translation and dialogue” practically oozes from my pores, just imagine my reaction to the very idea of “computer generated translations”! UGH! UGH! And UGH! (Oh, and did I say UGH!?)

But, if it somehow leads us back to regular print publication of the Core Four titles, I’ll hold my nose, plug my pores, and hope for the best!

Hah! Thought so, on the “Van Horn Logo” thing! Well done! …And that’s *not* a joke, son!

Dan said...

Joe: Don't want to come across as a "Pollyanna" for the future of Disney comic books in 2013, but some interesting things have bubbled up in the past few days:

The still-active June Foray appeared on the live New Years Eve edition of "Stu's Show" and remarked that she recorded some Magica DeSpell dialogue last week alongside Alan Young as Scrooge. She wasn't certain if it was intended for a video game or animated project, but it sounds as if there's something on the horizon.

Comic book artist Amy Mebberson tweeted yesterday:
"@amymebberson Sketching mice and ducks. Gonna be a big year for them too once I'M done with them!"

Several more Disney titles have been added to ComiXology today, the most interesting is a sharply drawn adaption of Walt Disney Studio's animated "Robin Hood" (1973).

I'm guessing once the lackluster "core four" titles from the Disney Comics app are used up, there could be a stronger focus on fresh digital content (I'd like a re-release of "Casablanca" by Giorgio Cavazzano) - a focus on the right material could lead to better things. - Dan

Joe Torcivia said...

Well, Dan, any signs (and you present quite a few of them) are welcome. As always, we shall see…

Alan Young and June Foray reunited as Scrooge and Magica?! That’s news, no matter the ultimate destination! My luck, it’ll be a videogame… a product in which I have no interest. But, I can always hope for an animated something! Imagine a theatrical short? How great would THAT be!