Monday, December 24, 2012

Post # 140: With Lots of Comic Covers!

As we noted HERE, we’ve gone into heretofore uncharted territory with our number of posts for 2012. 

This is post 140!

As I do not suspect we will reach 150 before the year ends, we’ll celebrate 140 posts at TIAH Blog for 2012, by taking a looong look at the number 140 throughout the landscape of comic books. 

Here, without further ado, are a Big Buncha 140s!  Enjoy! 
And, finally... "140 The Hard Way" -- TWO # 70s! 


joecab said...

Wow if you go this far for 140, I'm afraid of what 150 will bring!

Congrats, Joe! I'm pouring out ONE FORTY of malt liquor just for you!

Joe Torcivia said...

…Perhaps it’s for the best we never find out exactly WHAT I’d do for 150, Joe C!

Though I’d probably expand on the idea here, and include some comics from Harvey, Archie… and maybe even Charlton! Did anything out of “Charlatan Comics” ever make it into the 140-150 range?

Say, for my FIRST post of 2013, I could picture the thousands of “# 1 issues” from the speculator-driven ‘90s – with a special section for those “foil-embossed covers”! …And I could work in some sort of “Curses! Foiled again!” gag!

Nah, I’d probably lose you all, for having done so! …*I’d* very likely leave, myself!