Thursday, December 13, 2012

Foe One Day - Friend the Next!

Okay, so it's not quite as shocking an alliance as this!

Or, this!

Or, especially THIS! 

But, former Boston Red Sox star Kevin Youkilis has just joined the New York Yankees! 

A fine player who I've certainly booed over the years, I look forward to cheering him on in 2013! 

Former foe "Youk" and his new teammate Derek Jeter! 


joecab said...

Oh, you should hear what your fellow baseball fans are sayng about it here in Boston. I'd share a few, but that's a lot of grawlix.

Joe Torcivia said...

Actually, I’d be very interested in what Bostonians think of this! (…Aside from the chants of “Bobby Valentine must die!”, that is!)

New Yorkers are mixed. Some, like me, welcome the addition of a quality player and a champion, who is generally considered to be a good team guy. Especially, as he fills the needs at Third Base (with A-Rod set to miss half the season), First Base (where Mark Teixeira is a bit too prone to injury), and Designated Hitter (where an able bat is always needed). Youk’s even been known to play the outfield… though I really hope it never comes to that!

Others refuse to accept him because he was a key member of the hated Boston Red Sox. I don’t get that, but to each his own. If Ichiro can change his Seattle Stripes, why can’t Youk exchange his “red sox” for Yankee Pinstripes?

Comicbookrehab said...

I guess this means Kevin will be wearing a red bowtie while on the field..or maybe this a reaction to the rising sales of Mets caps, so they'll team-up for a while, then go back to being enemies before the last game iris' out. ;)

Joe Torcivia said...

Perhaps, ‘Rehab, perhaps.

But I’ve always seen Youk more as resembling Luthor than Jerry! (…at least I *used* to see him that way!)

Chris Barat said...


Nicky is NOT HAPPY about this. Not because Youkilis was a Red Sox (Red Sock?) -- after all, so were Johnny Damon, Sparky Lyle, and, of course, Babe Ruth -- but because she thinks he's cooked as a player. The Yankees need to get younger, especially on offense, and adding Youkilis doesn't appear to help in that regard. (Phillies fans seem to have the same feeling regarding the addition of the Rangers' Michael Young to an already aging team.)


Joe Torcivia said...

Agreed, the Yanks need to get younger, Chris! But Youkilis seems a good fit in the specific ways I mentioned above. …And it’s kinda like when Klingon Worf joined the Next Gen. Starship Enterprise!

Now, we need an everyday catcher! As long as he’s not a Ferengi… I hate those things!

joecab said...

I exaggerate a smidge. Yep there is a group that is angry about it but they're more of a vocal minority. For the most part I think people got their goodbyes out of their systems when he went to the White Sox this summer and they'll always consider him part of our team. It's going to be weird at the first Yankees/Red Sox game, that's for sure.

There was a little campaign from a few diehard Sox fans to make Youk mayor of Boston a few years ago, ya know.

Oh the President got booed in June for thanking Boston for sending Youk to Chicago. Or maybe they were all saying "Youuuuuk". (Me, I was saying "Boo-urns.")